The things I find on Ig...

Okay so Kai and Krystal are dating now I'm so happy for them and I'm pretty sure all us exo-l's are happy for him too. I was looking up kai on ig under tags and I end up finding the best thing ever this picture of kaisoo

I know lots of exo-l's including me shipped kaisoo this person said kaisoo is always in her heart and she had lots of funny cute edits of every member so I'm gonna post lots of them XD

Yassss you better work

When all of them are prettier than you

Yep still going

I'll just stop here now anyways I just found these so freaking cute. Credit to@alitsally on Instagram you should follow her if you wanna see her other edits they're awesomesauce

I'm just an adorkable potato who loves kpop and dance pleased to meet you peoples ^_^ " Life isn't about living along it's about living through" ~ Rap Monster
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