Intoxicating Love 6

Chapter 6

As I was looking at her peaceful sleeping face I started to lean in. Why am I doing this? What am I thinking? What is this feeling? I was asking myself questions I won't get the answer to. As my lips were barely touching hers her phone rang. I checked to see who would call someone at 12:49am. It was Unknown. After I let it ring I went to her contacts and saved her number on my phone. While I'm at it I'll write a sticky note with my number on it. ~~~Ji's pov~~~ After the call from Mark, we decided to hang out at the park closest to JYP. He said we'll get lunch. *at the park* I was sitting on the bench waiting for Mark. When someone covered my eyes. "Mark is that you?" "Maybe..." He released his hands and stood in front of me. "It was you, I knew it!" After about an hour we started to take a walk, until it started to rain. I looked at Mark, when I saw him taking off his jacket, and put it on top of my head. Not to be weird but his cologne smelled nice. "Thanks..." I said awkwardly. He then said "No problem." I took his arm and held him close, so he wouldn't get wet. "What are you doing?" "I don't want you to catch a cold." Once I said that he then put his hand around my waist and brought me closer. I felt the temperature in my cheeks rise and my heart start to beat faster. We decided to skip lunch and go back home. *at home* After we got home I said to Mark, "You better take a shower if you don't want to get a cold." "But what about you?" Mark said thoughtfully. "Don't worry, your my guest, and I wouldn't want an unhappy guest." "Thanks, I'll take the offer." He said as he went to shower. After 5 minutes I got changed and saw Mark getting out with only a towel wrapped around his waist. 'oh my god' I thought. I forgot to get him clothes, so I got spare sweatpants, and a black T-shirt saying 'IGot7

I knocked on the door three times before opening and giving him my spare clothes. I saw him shirtless once again. I felt my heart beating faster and faster, with my cherry flushed face. "Sorry for intruding." I said before running out. As I shut the door I leaned up against it and slid down. I put my hand to my chest to check if I'm still alive.

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