FLUFF WEEK: Caught In Love (Yoongi)


YOONGI WON!! And since this Sunday I will be off of Vingle until next Sunday we can do two!

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Yoongi sighed loudly again, he was sitting not so gracefully on the bigger couch of the dorm’s living room, his stretched his arms to the ceiling and then his hands went back to the keyboard, tipping and clicking like he was in some sort of trance.

Hoseok was sitting on the other couch with Jimin’s head resting on his lap, both of them playing a game on their phones, Taehyung appeared on the room some minutes after, he had a big bag of chips and plopped down next to Yoongi, who barely gave him a side glance just because Taehyung had made him bounce when he sat down abruptly.

Taehyung opened the bag of chips and called out Hoseok to start a conversation, the older was telling him about the game Jimin and him had just downloaded when Yoongi interrupted them.

-If you are going to be here be silent please- he said and then went back to his laptop.

Taehyung and Hoseok looked at each other dumbfounded, Jimin only chuckling a little, for once the nagging wasn’t on him. The other two spoke softer now, Taehyung offered chips and this time Jimin did join to the conversation.

-I’m winning the game, hyung can’t stand it but I’m winning- Jimin said shoving a handful of chips to his mouth.

Taehyung laughed when Hoseok did an obscene gesture to the orange haired boy, he took the bag of chips for himself now making the plastic crunch loudly with each movement.

Yoongi threw them a dirty look. -You guys are too loud-

Jimin smiled and stood up, placing himself behind Yoongi he started to massage his back. -Relax hyung, we have almost the entire day off-

Yoongi glared harder. -You mean you have, I’m working-

Hoseok gasped. -Come on hyung, you have to rest, you are too stressed these days-

Taehyung nodded. -Yes, have you found a girlfriend yet?-

At this Yoongi’s tipping stopped. -Are you going to keep up with that?-

Jimin, who was still behind Yoongi mouthed “No” to Taehyung which of course couldn’t hold it. -Hyung you have been so moody and cranky, we think you need a girlfriend-

Yoongi scoffed. -I have work to do, I don’t have time to be playing around, we have talked about this before-

Jimin sighed relieved, thinking everything stopped there, but Hoseok continued. -Yes Yoongi hyung, what about a nice pretty girlfriend?-

Yoongi cursed under his breath, something along the lines of “shitty brats”. -How many times I’ve swear to you I’m only focused on music? If you have time for girls fine, but I’m fucking busy-

Taehyung pouted lightly, and in Yoongi’s opinion not cutely at all. -But we only want the best for hyung… a girlfriend for example-

Yoongi shook his head, now completely bothered and way more stressed than before. -You are so freaking annoying, I’m going to work- he jostled Jimin’s hands away with much force than necessary. Yoongi disappeared and Jimin stood there with an scandalized face, he more than everyone thought his hyung needed a girlfriend, urgently.

Yoongi had swore to them that he wasn’t interested in girls for the moment, he didn’t have the time, he imagined a girlfriend and he imagined the thousands of hours he would have to dedicate to her, because girls demanded attention, he wasn’t a fool nor a virgin, he knew how it was done in the dating world, and for that he just opted to focus only on his music and not add more stress to his already hectic life.

That was until he met you. At first everything started with just innocent flirting, you were the new intern on the makeup department of the company, you were pretty and outgoing, your style was a bit edgy but still classy, Yoongi decided at first glance that you were his type, but of course he couldn’t do anything since you both were working on the company, so he let the issue go and just admired you or ogled at you every time he had a chance to do it without getting caught.

But he got caught, and not by any person but by you, who he realized later also stared at him too, so he couldn’t resist and the flirting started, and Yoongi discovered you were more than just a pretty girl, you had big dreams and were working on making them come true, you wanted to be independent and had a incredible and ridiculous sense of humor, so bad it made Yoongi laugh hard.

One time there were just the two of you on the style room, you both knew you liked each other but until now it hadn’t been more than that, just attraction, just chemistry. You were applying him eyeliner carefully, the touch of your hand making him feel a rush of emotion down his stomach, it left him impressed how just that touch could made him react like that, he didn’t realize it but he had moved, ruining the eyeliner, making you do a weird black line that joined his left lash line with his eyebrow.

-Fuck- he cursed. -I’m sorry, what the hell-

You giggled. -It’s ok Yoongi-

He shook his head. -It’s not, the others are waiting for me, and now I have this black line- he stared his reflection and sighed. -I look like an idiot- You giggled again and Yoongi frowned. -What?-

Bending a little you were at his eye level now. -You stress so much-

You were so close, Yoongi could see your cute nose perfectly, your long eyelashes, the curve of your lips, he licked his own lips and looked away. -How I cannot?-

You took the eyeliner again and did a soft stroke on your face, now you had the same line, you had ruined your makeup but your were looking at him with a wide smile. -Now we have couple liner-

You were flirting shamelessly now, he knew you wanted to make him laugh, but he couldn’t, not when he was concentrated on your lips, not when all he wanted was to hold you close to him. And he did.

He stood up and kissed you, softly, tenderly, just with enough pressure to call it a kiss, he took your hands and held them like they were delicate things, then he augmented the rhythm of the kiss but still maintaining himself at a distance, like he could’t entirely believe himself, like he didn’t want the moment to end because he was being too intense.

Yoongi told himself that night that it was only going to be that one time and no more, but he was wrong.

Yoongi didn’t even realize when he was hit so hard by the famous “love”, but the fact was that he woke up one day at the middle of the night with the realization that he was head over the hills in love with you. He wanted to ask you to be his girlfriend but he didn’t want to mess it up, what if you said no? what if he gave you trouble because if it? He didn’t want his members finding out either, not after all the trouble swearing he wouldn’t be falling in love.

-Hyung you’re spacing out- Jungkook stated

Yoongi arched an eyebrow, like daring the kid to keep it up, but it wasn’t him but Taehyung who continued. -That’s weird, hyung doesn’t space out like this-

-Yeah, that’s just you- retorted Jimin making everyone laugh. They were at the dorm’s kitchen having a little breakfast before going to the company.

Hoseok dragged his chair closer to Yoongi’s and Taehyung mimicked him, both of them had devious grins and Yoongi could practically see the little horns on their heads, the little pricks, what were they up to?

-What?- he asked looking at Hoseok first and then at Taehyung.

Both of them chuckled. -We were thinking about something-

-Guys please don’t- Jin said but they didn’t listen.

-We have been observing you- Taehyung said confidently because until now

Yoongi hadn’t reacted too much to them. -And we think you have been acting strange-

Yoongi glared at them and continued eating his kimbap. -You’re insane-

Hoseok giggled creepily. -Hyung , you had been on the phone so much, we are just glad-

At this Yoongi stopped again, this time he looked to the other older people in the house, Namjoon was on zombie mode, still drinking coffee to wake up, and Jin was shaking his head remorsefully, on the other hand Jimin and Jungkook were just staring at them.

Yoongi smirked -Are you on drugs?- he asked the two, who laughed again.

-Hyung, we are just glad you have found a girlfriend!- the two of them clapped, Jimin and Jungkook doing so quietly too.

-A girlfriend?- Yoongi’s mind was on a race, had they found out? But you weren’t his girlfriend yet, how would they know? Maybe he was being too obvious? Maybe they had seen you at the company. Yoongi shook his head, not that couldn’t be, they would have surely made a scene. -That’s… That’s not true- he said and he hated how his voice came out without his usual smoothness.

Taehyung and Hoseok exchanged looks and then clapped again. -We are so happy hyung-

They kept pestering and teasing him about having a girlfriend all day long, Yoongi concluded that they actually didn’t know for sure but they suspected it, it was so embarrassing, not for the fact that it was you, but because all the things he had said in the past.

“I’m not going to fall in love”

“I don’t have time”

“I only have time for my music”

Yeah right, he felt like a fool now, thinking about you all day. But he was happy with that, he realized he liked the feeling of your image getting into his head suddenly at the most random times. So he decided it was time to talk you.

Yoongi saw you getting out of one of the styling rooms at the company, you were wearing your typical self designated uniform, tight pants and a simple lose t-shirt, all that in black which he loved. He texted you soon after that, to meet at an empty conference room on the top floor.

He arrived first, and he had time to feel how his hands were sweating, his words getting scrambled on his head, he shook his head telling himself to keep it together.

You appeared and Yoongi stood properly without leaning on any surface, you walked closer to him and gave him an amused look.

-What’s happening? Are we having a meeting?- you asked teasingly which Yoongi answered with a smile, you were always down to play or amuse him.

-Actually, I have something to tell you-

Your smile almost disappeared, now you were looking at him curiously and when he took your hands you practically gasped, not seeing the contact coming. -I’ll be straightforward Y/N, because being honest I’m a mess right now-

You caressed the back of his hand with your thumbs. -What’s wrong Yoongi?-

He clicked his tongue, he sighed and then let out a nervous smile, it had been barely hearable but it made you look at him with more attention, Yoongi continued. -Nothing is wrong, I… I’ve been thinking about it for some time and I…- he laughed with that same nervous tone again and you smiled. -Look how you got me here- he said more confidently now, his eyes shining with something you couldn’t put your finger on, but it was something good, it made you want to come close to him and never let go. -The thing is, I like you Y/N, and this is not just a superficial and mean-less feeling, when I’m with you I feel I can let my guard down even if it’s just a little, I like your honesty and your hair… - he shook his head and walked closer. -You make me stutter Y/N, that’s how much I like you, and I want to be with you-

You stared at him, at his red tinted cheeks that made him look cute and younger, at his shining eyes, a discovery you were already loving, you looked at his blue hair, and his hands holding yours, you never thought this would happen but it did and now you were in front of him listening to the most awkward and precious confession you had ever heard in your life. And you loved it, because you loved Min Yoongi and everything he did. You tried to talk but your voice didn’t come out. -I… I… me…- you laughed nervously too, making him squish your hands. -You make me stutter too Min Yoongi, I like you too-

He kissed you, his hands leaving your hands to hold your waist, pulling you closer. You let him, as your own hands went to coil around his neck and deepen the kiss. But then you heard a thud, you separated your faces a little but Yoongi still had his hands on your waist, you looked at each other for answers but then came another sound.

After a few seconds whispering voices could be heard and Yoongi sighed, how he didn’t see this coming. The whispers were followed for another sounds of smacks and higher voices.

-I know you are there!- he shouted. -I will come out and the first one I see will be my servant for the rest of the month-

-It was Taehyung’s idea!- yelled who was without a doubt Jimin. You giggled when you heard more arguing voices and then the sound of their steps as they left.

-You are so mean- you laughed.

Yoongi smirked, getting closer to your lips again. -Nonsense-

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