Rocking Beauty Marks!

I have seen this done for things like recreating a classic Marilyn Monroe look, or things of that nature, but have you ever drawn in a beauty mark just for fun? And maybe not a typical beauty mark?

Let me show you what I mean!

Star beauty mark!

I love, love, LOVE this and totally want to try it! Perhaps for a special day (like when I go to Harry Potter World soon...hehe)

Look by reddit user Camerroneously!!

Heart beauty mark!

a la Marina Diamandis~~

Classic Monroe Mark!

A blogger called Rock n Rogue shared this look for Halloween - and I just love the Marilyn Mark!

Cindy Crawford Style!

He's is totally natural, but I still love love LOVE it! I wonder if every one with these distinct of moles are confident rocking them. I have some marks on my face, but none this size.

Rock 'em wherever!

Kelly Rowland does, and never in the same place :P I have friends that actually will turn pimples into beauty marks to add some dimension to their looks :D

Do you love (or have!) beauty marks?

Am I a writer? Still deciding..
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