Intoxicating Love 8


He walked in and saw Mark. He smiled patted my shoulder and said, "good luck." then walked out the door. What was that for? "I can't believe that it is still raining so hard." I said surprised. "Maybe you should stay over tonight." "Um.. That would be nice." "I will go prepare the guest room tonight." I said as I started to walk upstairs. "You can do whatever you want." I added. As soon as I got to the guest room I heard thunder. I stood still like a statue. Then crouched down under the desk. I hugged my knees close to my chest. My heart was beating fast. "I'm scared." I whispered to myself. Then Mark came over and hugged me close to his chest, so I could feel his heartbeat. I felt so relaxed in his arms. I started to look up to see his blushing face. I started to lean in, about to kiss his soft looking lips. ~~~Mark's pov~~~ I better go check on her. I said to myself. I walked upstairs in front of the guest room door. And saw her crawling under the desk saying, "I'm scared." As soon as I heard her say that I went up to her and hugged her to comfort her. When I looked down I saw her looking at me. I started to lean in. What am I doing? *Thump thump thump* Next thing I knew I felt something hot and soft on my lips. Her lips were so delicate. The kiss was soft at first, but turned passionate and rough. Our tongues mingled with each other as I picked her up and placed her on the bed. Why am I doing this? I leaned in quickly, starting to think my lips were cold. But as soon as I leaned in they heated up. I pressed my tongue against her lips for entry. And I passed. ~~~Ji's pov~~~ The kiss started to get passionate when he placed me gently on the bed. What is this feeling?

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