Eh... Why Not? Day 3

Well here we are on Day 3!! I thought about who I would consider as my second favorite group and of course I have to go with Got7... (it was a tight race between them and BTS for first place!) I tend to have a new favorite group depending on the month and who has had a comeback or has scheduled a comeback. Too many amazing groups to pick an ultimate group... that is why I don't understand how fandom's be fighting... I mean I love them all!! *clear throat* Anyways... I know you all have seen my posts of my UB the lovable Mark... but before I found Mark there was someone else who actually got me to listen to Got7 at first. The Loverly JB!

This man here was actually my bias when I first started listening to Got7. I had dubbed him a bias back when he started in JJ Project and stared in Dream High 2. He stayed in that position until I started to get to know this man....


Yea yea laugh it up sweetie... such a bias list wrecker he is.... but anyway..... I have to dedicate this day to my now second favorite member of Got7 JB.


I mean look at him... too damned adorable he is. I was again reminded that the boy is a decent actor when they came out with Dream Knight staring our loverly boys from Got7. I don't have many pictures of JB on my computer so this is all you are going to get boys and girls.

Hmm lets see.... tomorrow is favorite solo artist....... dang... another one that will be hard to pick. Can I pick more than one???? lol

Until Tomorrow KPopBeat OUT!

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