GOT7 30 Days Challenge: Días 26 & 27

Almost there..

Día 26: A member I'll go to the club with. -jeje Yugyeom all the's so cute how he portrays a certain shyness when put on the spot to dance (at least in that fan meet lol)....and it helps that's he's tall yay <3 plus if he shows up dressed like in the 1st foto..well it's definitely hot.

Día 27: A member I'll date -It was so hard but I had to choose two: Youngjae & Jackson (trust me I shocked myself too) •Youngjae bc man to think he doesn't see himself married breaks my hearteu & i will so shower that man with love & affection look at that smile..just ughh you still make me feel like a creeper (el horror) •Jackson, well honestly this man is precious and so family oriented, that is a must when I look forward to dating since I was raised to cherish la familia. Anyways.......yay pictures

Vingle Friendship Okis tagging my lovely small Vingle familia and chingus. @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @amobigbang @ARMYstarlight @luna1171@moonchild03 Besos!

Love KNK, KARD, SVT, BTOB, BAP, BTS, GFRIEND, AOA, MAMAMOO!!!!! -And more groups!! Sooooo Please join me in my loco adventures of this world. Sólo una latina que le tiene un amor increíble a los coreanos y sigo aprendiendo de los demás. I love reclipping my Vingle's family posts. Disfruta. (My English isn't still very good looking but definitely better) 파이팅. *Multi-fandom*
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