11-Year Old Entrepreneur Lands Deal With Whole Foods

When you were 11 years old, what were you doing?

Odds are, you were probably on the web, playing baseball or video games, not brokering million dollar business deals.

turned a $60,000 investment she received after appearing on the show into a huge deal that will place her ‘Bee Sweet’ Lemonade into 55 Whole Foods locations in her home state of Texas, as well as Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Yeah buddy.. we were doing it all wrong.

The young business mogul got the idea for her million dollar business at the age of four when she was stung twice in one week by honeybees. “It was painful. I was terrified of bees,” she told NBC in an interview.

She has helped spread awareness for bees while providing a tasty and healthier alternative for everyone.

I know this product will be a huge success.

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