Agent Krystal Chapter 33/?

Hello again everyone!! I feel so bad for leaving you all on such a cliffhanger for so long, but my muse died when March hit. Crazy aweful stuff started happening, and I just had no urge to write this at all. I'm back now though, Baby! So without further ado, on to the story!!

*Begin continued flashback* Krystal broke the kiss, gasping for air a moment before smiling. "Glad to know I still mean so much to you, Charles." she mumbled softly, blushing. She hadn't been expecting that reaction at all. She had expected him to scream at her, to be angry at her for disappearing. It seemed instead she was greeted with the same love she left. Charles let out a breath, biting his lip. "I missed you so much, Krys." he replied, the look on his face saying it all. She could see the hurt and love in his eyes, and the longing he had felt for the past 18 years. He softly stroked her cheek, tears pricking his eyes. "I thought I'd lost you forever" Krystal frowned softly, leaning her head into his hand as she closed her eyes, nuzzling him a little. "I'm sorry for being gone for so long, Iubesc" she replied softly, pulling him close to her. She had done exactly what she'd promised herself she wouldn't. She'd let herself remember how she much she loved him. She'd caved. She was his again. *End Flashback*

*Present time, The shrine* Krystal nodded and smiled at Kitty. "I have faith in you, Kit. it's gonna be fine." she promised as Bucky came over, giving her a kiss. There was worry in his blue grey eyes as he squeezed her hand, but he didn't voice his opinion anymore than steve did. The two of them knew better. Telling her no would only cause her to do it anyway. Bucky may not like it, but he could respect her reasons. While he could guess by the way Charles doted on her there was more she wasn't saying, for now, they had a world to save. "Be careful, Inima mea." was all he said, kissing her again passionately before watching as she closed her eyes, transported to a time many years before she knew he was alive. Charles hid his frown. He was still madly in love with her.

Krystal woke up alone in her bedroom in the mansion, noting it now looked like it did in the 70s. "Good job Kit. I knew you could do it." she muttered to herself softly, getting up out of the bed and getting in the shower. She had to be perfect and beautiful when she saw Charles again. Once finished, she went about her usual routine before pulling out his favorite dress from her closet and slipping into it. Once ready, she drove her trademark car to the mansion. She knocked, letting out a preparing breath. Hank answered the door. "Come on in. I'll let you call to him" he whispered, not wanting the other man to hear as Krystal nodded. "Charles? Darling, are you here?" she called out, not sure what to expect. She knew she'd hurt him badly. "No, It can't be." Charles muttered to himself, thinking maybe Raven had come home just to tease a bit. He didn’t think so though. Not even she could imitate that well. He walked out into the large entrance, eyes widening only a fraction before he rubbed his eyes. "Is it really you? I'm not going crazy?" he asked softly, walking closer, watching her. Krystal nodded softly. "It's really me, Charles." she breathed, watching him for a reaction, but not sure where to start. Charles intook a breath, eyes showing his pain as he looked at her. His voice was soft as he spoke. "Iubesc..."

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