Kitty Karaoke Part 5

You and four of your girlfriends are playing Halo; the other three are on laptops playing LOL. You are on your fourth round on multiplayer when your phone buzzes.

KK: Are you winning?

YOU: Of course, don’t mess with a group of women.

KK: How about with just one?

You pause for a moment. You remember what your girlfriends said; this is Jiho, not Zico. A grumble comes from your friends to get with it but instead you walk out into the line of fire and get killed. Furious, they start hollering at you when you show them your phone. They still flip you off but concede as you walk over to sit on the bed.

YOU: Depends. What kind of messing are you talking about?

KK: ROFL, what are you up for?

YOU: No messing with the heart or mind.

KK: I’d rather mess with the whole package.

YOU: Possibly, what did you have in mind?

KK: What are you up to tomorrow?

YOU: Heading to the amusement park. You?

KK: Heading to the amusement park I guess.

You can’t help but grin and do a little happy dance. He wants to see you.

YOU: Really? Perhaps we will see each other.

KK: I’ll guarantee it.

Your friends abandon you by the front gate since they know you’re meeting with Jiho. They aren’t too upset since there are seven of you in the group and the number evens out for rides if you aren’t there. You’re waiting for a text to say that he’s arrived, when a voice whispers in your ear.


You turn to see him smiling down at you. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself. Where are your friends?”

“They abandoned me when they found out you were coming.”

“Ah,” he comments, than begins to smile. “So, you're all mine?”

“All yours!”

He puts his hand out to see if you’ll take his, "Shall we?”

With a smile of your own, you place your hand in his and watch his smile get bigger.

He wants all the scary rides, like the roller coaster that looks like part of the mountain.

“I’m not so fond of heights,” you begin.

He lets go of your hand to wrap an arm around you, “I’ll protect you. If you go to fall out, I’ll grab an arm or leg.”

“What?” You smack him in the chest and he laughs. He leans down really close to your face, “I won’t let you fall out.”

Your breath hitches as he inches closer, someone bumps you from behind. “Keep the line moving, make out another time.”

There is an instant deadpan look on Jiho’s face; you aren’t sure what that means but don’t feel like it’s good. He turns, “Pardon us, I don’t see the line moving. When it does, we will gladly move forward. Until then; we will stand right here, and you won't touch her again.”

He turns back around and places you in front of him so the guy can’t get to you. You can hear the guy grumbling behind him and mouthing off. Jiho just pulls you closer and rests his head on your shoulder.

He whispers in your ear, “Some days, I’d give anything to not be an idol.”


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