Hey guys!! Guess what?!?! Jessica's back!!! It's been about a year and a half since Jessica was last on Korean TV, but now she's back in a new drama "Beauty Bible"! Jessica is known for being an "ice princess", but unlike her nickname, she was all smiles and cuteness. She even got to show off her English by speaking with some models! In the beginning, she looked a bit nervous, but, of course, she played her role perfectly. At the end, she said, "It's my first time MCing, so I really wanted to do well. I feel good because I was able to finish without any problems thatnks to Jaekyung. I'll do well, so please look forward to it."

Now, since her comeback, she has been receiving a lot of mixed feelings. There are a lot of netizens that are really upset and angry. It seems that since Jessica left Girls' Generation back in 2014, and started working on her company "Blanc & Eclare", there are some that still hold a grudge against her. Though it's true that she both chose to leave the group AND was forced to leave, is it really appropriate to hate someone for choosing a new career path? Our jobs, as fans, is to support our idols and love them no matter what decisions they make. Of course, they will make mistakes, they are humans after all. It is true that us international fans don't know our idols as well as many of their Korean fans, but it isn't right to hate someone for trying to reach our and gain work experience in different fields. Let's hope that this kind of behavior blows over, she doesn't deserve this hate. I for one am extremely excited that she has returned, and hope that everything goes smoothly for her and SNSD. What do you guys think? Are you as excited as I am? Comment down below!

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