EXO Screenshot Game-RESULTS

Original Card by:@VatcheeAfandi99 Link➡ http://www.vingle.net/posts/1508759?shsrc=v MY TURN NOW!!! (n///n)

YAY!! I suck as a leader.... I mean rock totally rock ... hehe..yeeh

Goddamn!!! lol

MY BABY!!!!! I WILL KIDNAP-KICK it... with you... alone... in the dorm... just me and you and you and me... MY BIAS!!!


With him again lol I guess our song making it big must have gotten us to became close... We can be more then just "Best friends" wink wink lol

Of course Tao Loves me I Love him too!!! TAO I LIKE ME SOME CHINESE WHILE I GIVE YOU A TEASE OF SOME MEXICAN FOR YOU XD XP .... I'm sorry .... lol

No go away I refuse to like you! OH SHIT I have no choose I'm prego with yo kiddo damn! I knew them shot of apple juice would get me...Damn!

yay! LET'S RUN AWAY FROM THESE LIES!! BACK TO YESTERDAY DAY!!~~ I'm taking Kris baby simple as that lol Child support foo!!! xD


That was fun xP These was awesome lol

Taglist time!!My Sista!♡ Taglist: The Homies hehe.!Thunder Fam!!

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