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So I'm sure a lot of us have had some form of past love in our life. Maybe one that there always seems to be a trace of them left with you. Even if it may become a "love thorn" Eventually we will find the one for us & its OK to have a trace of a past love. We live for moments, experience, & crossing paths with other people who help shape who we are.

A Few Years Later by Block B: (1st of all i looove this new Block B song <3) When time has past and we think back to our past love, it may have been bad or good or even a mix of both. But as the years pass we all change & become our own person. Always look to the future even if you feel hurt. There is so much more ahead, even if you can't see it at the time.

Pricked by WINNER (Mino & Taehyun): We want the lingering feelings to go away, but sometimes they never really do. The feelings remain as a trace in your heart or a love thorn. Once someone comes into your life, they never truly leave. They leave a trace with you. (also I wrote a short choreography to this song)

Trace by Legend: Sometimes looking back at a past love can feel like winter. The memories may bring saddness and you may miss the good times. Memories can fall down like snow, but there's no need to erase them from your mind. It's important to remember. Our past experiences help shape who we are. (I love this group, their vocals are too good <3)

Get Some Air by Kang Gary (from Running Man): At times, we may just need to go get some air. We may feel lonely at times, especially if you haven't found another love since your past love. Enduring heartbreak is never easy but love changes with time. Remember your not alone. Everyone goes through this.

Growing Pains by D&E (from Super Junior): We all know heartbreak, but the pain grows less with time though in some cases it may always hurt a little to think back on. Eventually the past memories that hurt so much may be replaced with new memories or the memories that once made you sad to think back on will become happy. Always remember the good times as good times & moving on can be for the best. We grow from our past into our future selfs & that includes growing pains~

Crooked by G-Dragon: Maybe when the pain is too much, your too lonely and you envy other couples. Just have a night and be crooked (with reason). It's OK to lash out a little bit when your in pain, but don't forget about the ones who are there for you in the tough times when your going through pain.

Silhouette by M&D (Heechul & Jungmo): Eventually memories become more of a silhouette. People change, love changes, our lives change over time and this includes relationships many times.

Movie's Over by Block B: In the end, with time & healing, we accept the end of relationships. We move on. It's part of life. And one way to think about it is this movie is over, now a new movie can start. In other words, my love with this person is over, now I can move on and explore a new love with someone else.

Don't feel too heartbroken my fellow Kpop Vingle Family~ I'm sure we all know some form of heartbreak & music can help us through it as well as each other and people close to us. Looking back on a past love can be both happy and sad, but remember the good times, be aware of the traces people leave with you throughout Iife, and keep growing from your experiences! ^^ @kpopandkimchi@ARMYstarlight@MichelleIbarra@Morganelisabeth@belencitagarcia@baileykayleen@jiyongleo@chelseajay@madandrea@stevieq@kpossible4250@Vkookie47@amobigbang@sarahdarwish@sugafree@tracylynnn@Bekikunstman@sharayahtodd@chaerica@prettieeEm@xergaB20@ilennrocks@tigerlily84@kpopgaby@keziahwright@creetheotaku@tayunnie@ashleykpop@sarahvandorn@mandynoona@drummergirl691@katierussell@emilypeacock@sugaontop@thepinkprincess@jinsprincess86@nell03@moonchild03@stephanieduong@aubriepope@hajelf@rainac3@kchavens09@saraortiz2002@taetaebaozi@jojojordy2324@agentleo@sosoaloraine23@lexxcisco@emilygardner@lashonda0917@kwellnitz@nancyvongvilay@annahizaragoza@anniechang1545@ninjamidori@nenegrint14@morleecorielus@mrsbangyongguk@edwey66@amberg171997@deefran@kyky97@lolimbetter09@lilmnm@veronicaartino@vipfreak2ne1@christianliu@torchix@jungkookie1@destinabyrd@emealia@jessAS@kellyoconner@itsmari@heidichiesa@cindystran@vixenvivi@aimeeh@kiki29@roxy1903@lizanightshade@saraortiz2002

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