R.I.P. Starlights

I am probably a little late on this, but I haven't checked Instagram in a couple days. I just checked it and I swear I am not going to survive Vixx's comeback!!

I think everyone is pretty familiar with this image already. This is what was initially on their page that is dedicated solely to this comeback.

Tonight I went to the page to find this - an invitation?.....

And then this?! - a cloaked figure carrying a lantern?.... Nope. Not going to make it. I an so ridiculously excited about this comeback, that I literally squealed when I saw this! I will see you all on the other side... (x_x) tagging: @LtheKid8@kpopandkimchi@BBxGD@Helixx@BulletproofV@Sailynn@MadAndrea@PrettieeEmm@SofiaFifi@Lexxcisco@SassyMaknae@sleepingyoongi@pharmgirlerin@CrookedShadow@AnnahiZaragoza@kennaxx@JamiMilsap@SarahHmll@WendyNegrete@JustinaNguyen@KatiePrihodiko@Rinal143@PrincessUnicorn@SandraMirafuent@reyestiny93@KiinLyr@MaggieHolm@NinaLlama@DestinaByrd@SerenityThao@merryjayne13@BlackJackXXX@ZaTaylor@Zxenna@ItsMari@shadowCYRMBBCL@4dalientae@DanniiDunn@MaddieRudicil@krin@AnnaRodriguezm@VatcheeAfandi99@sherrysahar@BabySheep@MsLoyalHeart@Ercurrent@SierraPaske@kyokeo@jessicaacosta90@ESwee@JaeneashaJones@hyunsaeng638@Jiyongixoxo@JeniseRamos@Sarahdarwish@tayunnie@CreeTheOtaku@unnieARMKeY@kpopINT@ChelseaGarcia Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed from the list! :) * credit to owners *

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