Is It Love Part 6

Everybody stood in shock. Regular Jimin pushed you aside as he walks in frustration to the other Jimin. He punches him in the gut and pushes him against the wall. "Awww little brother don't say u don't miss me." Jimin with piercing says. "LITTLE BROTHER?!?!?!?!!!" so many questions are running threw my mind. "SHUT THE FUCK UP ERIC!" *Eric is the name of the 2nd Jimin* ***holy shit I just fucked Eric thinking it was Jimin!!!****** "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ERIC!" Jimin says as he throws a punch at Eric. "Come on Jimin stop being like this, it's not you." Blood was dripping down from Eric's lip. Jimin punches him again. "What are you doing here!" Jimin screams out making shivers crawl down my back. Eric throws a punch back at Jimin causing Jimin to fall to the ground. Eric pins him down and throws punches at Jimin. Jimin was coughing out blood. "STOP PLEASE!!! YOUR HURTING HIM!" tears rolling down my cheeks. I try to get Eric off Jimin. Eric punches me in the face and knocks me out. Everything went black.

Warmness. Thats all I feel. I can feel someones hand holding me. I slowly open my eyes. I turn to see Jimin asleep next to my bed. I'm still home. Jimin woke up and saw me staring at him. Before I can say anything he hugs me instantly. " Are you ok (y/n)?" He asks as he still hasn't released his grip from you. "I'm fine don't worry....What happened?" "Eric knocked you out and I got real mad and got him out of here...But...did you guys..... do anything?" I didn't want to tell him yet..."No I thought he was you and told him to take a shower since he stank" damit I hate lieing.... "Oh ok just wanted to know." "Where is he right now?" "Hopefully long gone from here I tossed him out of the house. I never mentioned Eric cause we never got along and everything I love gets destroyed by him. I don't want to lose you (y/n)" He sobbs softly. "Hey Jimin....I Love you and I will never leave you." He lifts his head up and kisses me. His lips are so warm and soft. "I love you too (y/n)"

********1 MONTH LATER************* "Why am I always hungry damit!!!!" I scream while looking through the fridge." "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed again." Jimin giggles. "Haha funny. Shouldnt you be heading out for practise again?" "I know but it's fun to tease you." He hugs and kisses my forehead. He takes off again. As I tried to sit down and eat I get a strong sharp pain on my gut. "Oh God" I say as I scrambled to the bathroom to barf. "Did I eat something bad again? I need to see a doctor." I get to the hospital. The doctors made me do a lot of tests. Blood. Urine. Drug. Everything. "Ok Mrs Park you are healthy and strong so theirs nothing physically or mentally wrong with you. But I do know what's causing you to barf and have sharp pains." the doctor tells me. "K so what is it?" "Well umm I just wanted to tell you that ummm.....You...Are....Pregnant... " Time just froze. "I-i-i-im p-p-pregnant?!?!?!" This can't be....The only person I ever done it with is with...Eric.... "He can't be the father can he?"


what do you guys think? Is she going to tell jimin? is he going to leave her? beauties:@Ercurrent@KaeliShearer@Orihemay@tinathellama@KoreanDramaMaMa@kyky97@KristinaCaron@BrendaPham@Bizzycx@MomoChamie@MykelHobbs@SarahVanDorn@tiffany1922@BridgetJara@YulianaVidales@JessicaEvaristo@mellyortiz@elizabeth1234@HoangAnhDo@tinafalcon22

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