One Night pt. 21*

IMPORTANT: This is a steamy, steamy part! I put this part in three sections. The second section is the adult content and there will be a text photo telling you when it starts. There will be a text photo telling you when it ends. Because the ending is fairly important. Context-wise.

And just an FYI, this is from the male perspective. Whether that matters to you all or not, I'm not sure; so I figured I'd just let you know.


WARNING: Mature, sexual content

- Yoongi's point of view - She looks stunning tonight. Even more than usual. I walk up behind her, put my hands on her hips, and whisper in her ear. "Jagi." She turns and throws her arms around me. "Yoongi! You're here!" I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close. "Of course. You asked me to meet you for drinks to celebrate my birthday. I wouldn't miss that for anything." "About that..." "What?" She runs her finger along my jaw line. "I was thinking we could just skip the drinks and move to your birthday present." I smirk. "Are you sure? You seem pretty thirsty?" She laughs and hits me in the chest. "Shut up!" I grab her hand that she hit me with. I kiss the top of it, and linger as I look her in the eyes. "We can do whatever you want to." "But it's your birthday." "I'm truly happiest just being with you, Boram." "Then I think I want to go to the room." "Sounds perfect." She holds my hand as she leads me through the hotel. She looks back, smiling. "Hurry up." "We don't have to rush. Even doing this is lovely. It'll make the main event even sweeter if I have to wait a little." She blushes and looks forward again. She slows up a little until we get to the room. She opens the door and we go in. She leads me to the bed and sits me down. "I love that dress on you. It fits you perfectly." She smiles. "Thank you." "I'd love it more if it was on the floor though." She giggles. "You're such a dog." "But you love me anyways." She stands in front of me and rests her arms around my neck. She flips her hair to one side and looks at me. "I suppose I do, don't I?" I run my hands up her thighs, starting from the knee and slowly making my way up. "How much?" "Probably too much." My hands are moving under the skirt of her dress. "No such thing. You could always love me more." "You'd have to try much harder to make me love you even more." My fingers reach her panties. I love dresses. They make life easier. I run my finger along the edge of them as I look at her. "How hard?" Her eyes say she's feeling the mood already. "As hard as you can." I gently pull them down and she steps out of them. She tilts my chin up a little and kisses me. Her lips are so sweet and soft. They're giving me perfect kisses. Ones that are deep, but not rough. Ones that are filled with the passion we share. I run my hand along her leg. I love the curves and her skin feels so smooth. I move upwards, I grab her butt and she jumps a little. I love that she's always surprised by it, no matter how many times I've done it. I suck on her lip a little and she parts her mouth more. Her mouth is hot as my tongue moves over hers.

After a few minutes she runs her hand from my neck, down my chest, over my stomach, and she feels my lap. She rubs me through my pants. She smirks between kisses. It's like she's proud to have gotten me hard. After this long, she still doesn't realize how easy it really is for her to do that. She pulls away and kneels down. She starts undoing my belt and then my pants. I bite my lip. Just watching her do this is driving me crazy. I love when she's in charge. It's so sexy to have a woman take the lead. She takes me in her mouth and my toes curl. She's so good at this. She knows exactly what to do. I put my hand on the back of her head and move her at a steady speed. Perfect. So fucking perfect. Her mouth is so hot. It's killing me. Oh man, her tongue. She knows me well. I almost wish she wasn't so good though. I don't want to cum yet and I'm already breathing heavy. "Boram." She looks up, but keeps going. Fuck, that look alone is gonna make me bust. "Stop." She stops. "Why?" I pull her upwards into a kiss and move her hand to do the work while her mouth is busy. I'm sinking into her kisses. I let out a small moan. This is good too. I can enjoy this longer. Ah, but not that much longer I guess. Damn, she's just too good at getting me off. I pull away. She gets the hint and goes back to work. I look at her and she looks up again as she continues. I shake my head. "It's so good." What an understatement. I slow her down a bit. I want to savor it for just a little longer. "You're amazing." She takes me in more. She was holding out on me. I move her head again, to the speed I like. "Boram. I'm gonna cum." I moan a little as I release. My body shivers and I breathe a little slower. She can get me like this using only her mouth. I'm a lucky man. She swallows. I wonder why that's so sexy. "You're such a good girl." "Am I?" She starts undoing the buttons on my shirt. I nod. "Yes." "So you don't want me to be a bad girl?" "When did I say that?" "So you do want me to be bad?" She pushes my shirt down my arms. I nod. "I want you to be very bad." She stands up and turns around. She moves her hair to one shoulder. "Would you be so kind as to help your naughty girl be a little naughtier?" I take my shirt off the rest of the way and reach up to undo her dress. As I pull the zipper down, more of her skin is revealed; like the curtains at a theatre. This is act two, scene one. She turns around and her naked body is in full view. I wonder when she stopped being bashful, when she stopped being modest. Maybe she never was and she was always this bold. She puts her knee on the bed as she pushes me onto my back. I grab her hand and pull her on top of me. "Should we take turns being in charge tonight?" "It's your present, Yoongi. It can be however you want it." I pull her close. "Let's see where it goes." She kisses me and presses closer to my body. I can feel her skin against mine, making me even hotter. I move her away a little as we exchange deep kisses. I move my hand up her stomach and cup my hand around her breast and massage it gently. It's perfect. It's big, but not too big; it's soft and natural. I run my thumb over her nipple. She shivers a little. A couple more times and she moans during a kiss. At this rate, we may not have to wait too long for me to get it up again. She stops and plants soft kisses along my jawline. Moving down my neck. She runs her fingers through my hair as she makes her way back up. She pulls some and kisses me when I gasp a little from the suddenness. She's taking my breath from me, she's making sure I can't catch it. My heads getting fuzzy. She's downright wicked for doing this. I bite her lip a little and she pulls away. I catch my breath. "I'd like to live to see this through." "Sorry, sorry. I got carried away. I'll reel it in." "No need. I got some life in me again." "If you say so." She grabs my hands and pins them down as she leans down to kiss me hard and deeply for a minute. She pulls away. I shake my head. "You love to be in charge don't you." "Yes, but I know you really get off on it, so it makes it twice as satisfying." "You know when you talk like that it makes me lose it." She leans down. Her lips just out of reach. "Which is precisely why I do it." I do love when she does this. When she makes me want for her so much more. "Do you want me to be just a little more in charge?" "I might be willing to permit that." She let's go of my hands and I rest them on her hips as she straddles me. "Good." She covers my eyes with her hand and kisses me softly. "Keep them shut okay?" "Of course." I hear her reach into the drawer on the night stand. She must have put something in there before I came. She plans ahead. "Still closed?" "Still closed." She grabs my hands and puts them above my head, but she let's go of them for a moment. I feel her wrapping something around my wrists. It's soft fabric. She's tying my wrists together. That's new. "You can open them." I try to hold up my hands to look, but they're caught. I look up and see that she tied them to the bed too. "Aren't you different tonight." "Do you like it?" I think about what's to come. "I love it." "Are you ready then?" I nod. I'm sure I look like I'm begging for her. Probably because I am. The anticipation is killing me and she's thoroughly enjoying herself. She eases herself down, sliding me into her. I breathe deep. It immediately feels amazing. She's perfect. "You're so fucking wet." She keeps moving. "Because of you." "I barely touched you." "You didn't have to." I'm lucky she doesn't need me to move her hips to guide her on how fast or slow I like it. Now I just wish I could touch her for the sake of feeling her on my fingertips. Her skin is alluring and daunting, I can touch her anytime, but I've never wanted her more. That must be the point. They're tied to keep me from getting what I want. Making all of this a mixture of mental torture and physical pleasure. She runs her fingers through my hair. Her eyes look so dreamlike. Her voice is breathy. "Why do you look like you want me so badly?" I moan a little. "Because I do. I want you." "You already have me. Do I need to prove it to you?" I nod. "Please, Boram. Please." She moans. "Does my pleading really make you feel that good?" She bites her lip and nods. "Are you going to prove it? Or am I going to have to keep asking?" She's quivering. "One more time." I look in her eyes. "Please. Prove it to me. I'm begging you to make me know that you belong to me!" She reaches up and with a swift pull on the fabric, she unties my wrists. It takes all of five seconds to have her on her back and me thrusting into her. She gasps on the first thrust. With every following movement she's falling more and more under my control.

"Do you like this?" Her back arches. "Yes." "Do you want more?" "I don't want it, I need it." "How badly?" "I'll do anything." "Then tell me who's going to give you what you need?" "Yoongi!" "Who's making you feel so fucking good?" "Yoongi!" "Who do you need?" "Yoongi!" "Who do you belong to?" Someone smacks me on the head. I open my eyes. I look behind me and Jimin is standing there. "How many times do I have to yell at you before you wake up? I was literally yelling your name. Now either get up or stop setting alarms you won't wake up to. Drives me fucking nuts when you do that. Can practically hear it throughout the whole dorm." He mumbles as he walks out, "Who moans like that in their sleep? Making me come in here and witness that." He shudders as he shuts the door. "Sick." A dream. That's all that was? Of course, what else would it be. Damn. My heart feels empty, my brain is painfully cruel. What the hell is on my hand? I lift the blanket. "Really?" Apparently that was a pretty intense dream. This is fucking embarrassing. Twenty-three years old and I just had a wet dream; an extremely, extremely wet dream. Not only that, I managed to lose my boxers in the midst of it all. Guess I'm doing laundry today. A very depressing load of laundry. Lovely.


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