{NC} My Birth Anime!

Hello Nakama!

It's day two of the Campfire Community Challange! What anime came out on you're birth year! My birth year is 1991

Mine is the Kids anime Jakenman!

This anime even came out in my birth month, April, as well. I don't know to much of this anime except that it's a 51 episode anime for kids. It's a adventure comedy that didn't go over to well with the critics.

check out the original card here!

I'm 24 from Long Island, NY. I'm a big fan of anime, comics, video games and sports. My favorite teams are the Mets, Jets and Islanders. I'm also a big fan a heavy metal music and Rick and roll. I love meeting new people and talking about all things nerdy so please don't hesitate to start a conversation!
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