10 ways to take good photos of kids

1. Achieving Natural and Unopposed Quality The best way to take natural pictures of the children is to look for real time actual and candid moments. 2. Wait for Right Poses Most of the children do not liked to be directed and therefore you should not force the kids either. In fact, you should follow their lead as they can help you to take some great natural pictures. 3. To keep children interested Play with them at first, talk and smile with them. By that you would create the bounding with them. Kids love that. 4. The Importance of Locations and Backgrounds The location and backgrounds also play an important part in the process of taking sensational photographs. The most important aspect of any location is the light and for that matter always try to make most of natural one and therefore finding a place with light that suits your taste is the first step. 5. The clothes: Let them wear what they feel most comfortable with. 6.Anticipate If you are photographing any special occasion, you should be able to anticipate what your children are going to do. For example, wake up before them on Christmas day so that you can capture their joy when they open their gifts. 7. Remain Out of Sight If you want to take truly spectacular photographs of the children, it is better for you to remain out of the sight of the subjects. 8. Give them a toys Sometime kids would be in their best behavior or their best nature when you give them hold the toys or things that they liked. Then they would corporate with you with no stubborn. 9. Try close up photos 10. Go for Emotions, not Perfection Sometimes people ruin the photographs trying to achieve “perfection”. On the other hand, you need to make your kids’ pictures convey emotions and think in terms of what you want them to say. Those tips I collect from photodoto, and if you are going to do your experiments on photographing your children or your cousins. Let me know your results how it goes

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