2PM′s Junho Says He′s Really Nervous about His Role in ′Cold Eyes′

2PM′s Junho said he was more nervous for his first big screen role than for his first Tokyo Dome concert. The singer attended the media day event for the film Cold Eyes held on June 19, and said, "I was so nervous. I was more nervous than I was for my Tokyo Dome concert." In Cold Eyes, which is about a police surveillance force and a criminal organization, Junho appears as the police′s ace member Squirrel. Even amidst such big names as Sul Kyung Gu, Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo, Junho managed to stand out with his steadfast acting. He said, "Someone from my agency asked me whether I would be interested in this scenario, so I read it, and it was great. I auditioned for it twice while I had my arm in a cast. A lot of my concerts were scheduled for the same time as the shoots, but still I really wanted to be in the film." He added, "I′m a real rookie in the actor realm. I′ll work hard regardless of how much screen time my role gets. This year I′ll release my solo album in Japan, and near the end of the year I want to act in another good piece." Junho was enthusiastic enough to even attend the technical preview, which took place early in the morning at 5 a.m., before the press preview. Officials who had been there said that he had been so nervous he was soaked with sweat. "I just wanted to watch the movie," Junho said. "I was watching my seniors act during the technical preview, but then I appeared and I didn′t seem to fit in. I was so worried. I′ve been comforted now because so many people from the press preview have praised me. I was thankful just to be acting with my seniors." Director Jo Ui Seok said about Junho′s acting, "I was looking for a rookie who could fit the role, and I happened to come across Junho. It is true I was prejudiced against him because he is an idol. He, however, made me trust him after the audition, and he was good, and that′s how he made it into the film. His status as an idol would′ve been more of a burden to him." Cold Eyes will premiere on July 4. Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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