Brooklyn, NY- James Chororos

Name: James Chororos Place you live: Brooklyn, NY Place photo was taken: The Brooklyn Bridge, on the Brooklyn side sum up Brooklyn? in 4 words: Brownstones, restaurants, bikes, and artists. Occupation: Photographer Preoccupation: Reading architecture and design blogs/mags, personal photography projects, and eating A perfect day in Brooklyn? As much as there is to do around here, everyone is always so busy and you're expected to work way too hard. So for him, a perfect day is one where he have no obligations and he can just enjoy hanging at the park with some friends during the day and going out for a few drinks at night. If someone was visiting, what must they do? Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, cruise around central park on a bike, and eat as much as he can. A perfect meal in NY? definition of perfect goes back and forth between a healthy Vegan meal at Blossom Restaurant in Chelsea, and any pizza place passes on the street. What is the best thing about his spot? Brooklyn is great to come back to at the end of the day because it's a nice quiet retreat from the chaos of Manhattan, and it's also a very inspiring place to live. It seems like everyone you meet in Brooklyn is doing their own creative thing, whether it's art, music, or design. What is the worst? Everything is really expensive.

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