My ↝Thankszzzz↜ to all the Voter's


I just notice that I Won the VOTE for the new Fan Fic Story!!!!!! that@BBxGD is planning for me.... how """Lovely"""" for her to do such a "Niccceee" thing for me...(my fingers crossed)


And special thanks to all the """Voter's"""out there, that vote for my story... I just want to say..."Thank you'""" I will make sure to write down your names and send you a thank you card!!!! Tilted :I Be There Watching You!!!!

And last but not least... is...m.... I forgot her name...Sofia... Kwon..@KwonOfAKind , sorry I usually don't remember my Exxxx name very well.... Here is the "So Long, See u in Neverland" greeting card for you!!!!

.....Na Not Today.... Don't Wake Me UP...Upppp...UuPP
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