Sweet Talk: Non, Je Ne Suis Pas Certaine


Welcome to 'Sweet Talk' where I'll be highlighting some phrases in other languages that I think we can all connect with!

This week we have Stromae teaching us to be a little more sassy with our French :)


I am SO OBSESSED with Stromae. I found him completely by accident a few years ago and I haven't stopped loving him since.

This song is so interesting because he speaks as both a female and male character, talking about the short comings of both sides of a relationship.

here you go!

Start listening at 0:17 to hear the French phrase!


Non - No

Je ne suis pas - I am not

Certaine - certain/sure

Que - that

Tu m'mérites - you deserve me

Non je ne suis pas certaine que tu m'mérites -

No, I'm not certain that you deserve me


Have you ever felt undeserving of someone's love? Or have you felt under appreciated?

Bonus: watch Stromae casually play Tous Les Memes on a gondola in Venice...

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