[NC] Day 3: Most Fashionable Character!

Hiya Lovelies! Day 3 of [NC] and the question was who is the most fashionable anime character to you? Personally for me, I think Otohiko from Kamisama Hajimemashita! He is true Wind God and his outfits always look on point! Man, they just are so flamboyant and I think they look great on him! And the best part is that he doesn't care what others think about how he looks and that's the most fashionable trait out there! Someone who is confident in how they look and don't care what others think about them and that's what is most important! Tagging Nakama!!! @InVinsybll@Danse@hikaymm@TylerDurso@VoidX@AimeBolanos@AtisutoMeru@PRroxx05@gabemartin@AdamDean@Alcides13@Alletaire@Animefanatic18@ARMYStarlight@BobbieStinson@bmcclain191@BobbieStinson@CreeTheOtaku@DaiGakuSei@danidee@DariusLigon@devinrohers@dragonlover1852@gabbycalzada@GillianMarsh@iixel@JadaDiemand@JakeErter@JayEstrella@Kirik@KaylanMadoori@littlemaryk@MadAndrea@MajahnNelson@MelissaGarza@MetalMorgan@Moonpie15b@nberry1620@NhanLuong@NikolasSatterwh@NinjaMouse@poojas@punksjunk@reaper412@ReinShirai@RosePark@SeoInHan@shannonl5@Silverfang@ShinigamiSan@tayhar18920@TaylorKoby@TreverMoon@Volpix5150@ZeltzinCorona

Just your Typical college student who would rather watch anime and read than go to a party. (: Send me a message if you wanna talk about awesome anime! 🤓
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