Share A First Date Story!


Recently@cindystran shared her (almost disastrous!) first date with her (now) husband and I wanted to hear some MORE!

Feel free to leave your stories in the comments or make your own card :D


My very first date EVER was my junior year of high school.

Let me start off by saying I had no clue this was a date until I literally got in the car and he said "ready for our date?" We had been friends a long time so I figured this was movies with my guy friend, not a movie date!

This is probably why our relationship was so rocky... He was definitely more into me than I was into him :/



He was a senior at the time so he picked me up and we drove to the movie theatre to see...


Yep, romantic right?

HAHAHAH It's funny now but at the time we were both weirdly embarrassed cause we realized this was NOT a first date movie.

We survived the movie (which still makes me laugh) and got milkshakes at his favorite drive thru.

Then, we drove to the beach that night to just walk around and talk.

If it had just been as friends it would have been great, but I was already worried about how to tell him I didn't want to date him...


Anyway, the movie + milkshakes + beach is totally a good idea as long as, you know, both of you KNOW it is a date.

We broke up a few months later (he went to college and I never felt I had a good time to break up with him) but it was mutual and we're totally on good terms. He actually just got engaged :D

So, do you guys have any memorable first dates?!

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