Shea Moisture Launches Commercial To Create Awareness


Believe it or not, it's there.

'African American's hold a buying power of $1 trillion.'

While the money is coming in like clockwork, a lot of people have taken notice to the fact that black hair care products are usually secluded when it comes to the location of other hair products.

MahoganyCurls"The way most beauty aisles are set up, you have the main beauty aisle, and then a teeny, tiny area around the corner — on the other side."

"'Breaking Down the Walls' is about making beauty accessible to all. [It's about] access to products that actually work for every hair texture and that are focused on our communities that are traditionally underserved."

Do you notice the African American hair products secluded within stores?

I'll admit I see it all the time. What do you think about this?


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