BTS: Love Triangle Chapter 13

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Jessamine and Kat were on their way to pick up Koko to go cake tasting for the wedding. When they arrived to Koko's apartment Jin called Kat, so she stayed back to take the phone call. Jessamine went to gather Koko. Jessamine knocked on the door to find that the door was unlocked. She was greeted by Sailor Moon Koko's black house cat. Jessamine patted the cat. Then Jessamine began hearing wild animal noises and laughing. What the fuck? Jessamine picked up Sailor Moon and slowly walked to where the noise was. Suddenly, Koko and Tae ran out the bedroom butt ass naked. Jessamine screamed while grabbing her chest. Tae stopped and looked at her and smiled. "Hey what's up Jazz?" He was naked and hanging all out. "Tae! You are naked!" Jessamine closed her eyes and covered the cat's eyes. Koko laughed. "Shit girl I'm sorry. Um you know how life goes when you are around a sexy ass man." She slapped Tae in the butt. Jessamine eyes were still closed. "You to are nasty! Koko you were to be ready for cake tasting. Wash ya ass and come to the car. Shame on you two scaring Sailor Moon." Jessamine put the cat on the couch and walked outside. ................... The girls were out tasting cakes. Jessamine still couldn't look at Koko straight. Koko was still laughing. "Kat you should've seen her face. It was priceless!" Koko says with cake falling out her mouth. " Shut up Koko. You should speak with food in your pie hole." Jessamine says while looking at her phone. "Cake hole, or Tae hole." Kat laughs. Jessamine rolls her eyes. She looks at her phone again and excuses herself. She walks outside the cake store and sits on a green bench a few steps away from the store. "Look here Jimin if you keep this up Namjoon will fucking kill you. I advise you to stop being childish." Jessamine says in a low voice. Jimin laughs on the other line. "You think Namjoon scares me baby. Ah you look so good from this distance. Those tight ass shorts and that light blue tee. You know light blue is my favorite color. I see you are in a cake store. You know I love chocolate..." Jessamine looks around. "Where the fuck are you? Stop playing games Jimin!" "Will you ride my face like you used to?" Jimin says. " No...what the fuck Jimin." She yells. "Well then no I won't stop until you are mine or at least not Namjoon's." Jimin hangs up. Jessamine quickly runs back into the cake store. Koko had this odd look on her face. Koko crammed some Jessamine's face. "Idk girls this one taste like soap. How does pinapple tastes like old ass soap?" Koko says. "Yeah this is nasty Koko." Jessamine says. "Anyways who was that on the phone? Nam Nam Kimchi pooh!" Kat laughs. "Shut up leave my baby alone." Jessamine laughs.

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