Big Bang's TOP Will be In The New Chinese Movie 'Out of Control'

Big Bang's TOP is going to be casted in the new Chinese action movie 'Out of Control' ! Here is what YG Entertainment had to say: "We've received countless movie and drama offers from not just Korea, but from China and Japan. 'Out of Control' was the character that spoke to T.O.P the most." YG, 2016 (Credit to YG Entertainment & Allkpop ) Link is below the picture above ^


TOP is known for his excellent acting skills in his previous movies /dramas : Movies •2008 Story of Men •2009 Nineteen •2010 71: Into the Fire •2011 Iris the Movie •2013 Commitmen •2014 Tazza: The Hidden Card T.V Dramas 2007 I Am Sam 2009 Iris 2010 Haru 2015 Secret Message


I can't wait to watch it xD I wonder what role is he going to play. Well it doesn't matter what role, I will still like it :) I'm looking forward to watching this Chinese movie. TOP oppa fighting!! ♡♡ Who's excited? :) -Happy Tuesday! ❤ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi

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