Secret Crush {A TOP Imagine}


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Quality over quantity. When thinking about friends, you definitely prefer people that actually add meaning to your life over saying, ‘Yeah, I have 1,518 friends on Facebook.’ Which is, by the way, absolutely ridiculous and impossible because there is no way you can remember 1,518 names of these so called friends. You barely have 5 people on Facebook that you can classify with the friend title. But you are tipping on the edge of reducing that amount down to 4.

“Can you not, Jiyong.” Your face is planted straight onto the coffee shop table. You don’t think about what kind of wet rag was used to wipe down the surface–probably an old, dingy, germ infused towel mixed in with Windex and human spit. Disgusted, you lift your head, wiping the grime off the left side of your face.

“Oh c'mon. It’s been six ye–” Jiyong’s words get muffled as you leap across the table and clasp your hand over his mouth.

“Shhhh. What if someone hears you?” You wince and look around the shop like a lunatic waiting to see if the asylum has finally found you.

He wiggles out of your hold, “Aish. How long do you plan on keeping your infatuation for Choi Seunghyun–” You attempt to jump over to him again but he moves his chair back away from the table, his voice resonating throughout the shop like speakers blasting in a heavily populated dance club. “Your love for Choi Seunghyun a secret? Please do me a favor and tell him.”

You face falls dejectedly to the table once more, your forehead smacking against the wooden surface with a plop and your arms flail to the side of the table. The germs from the table are moving along your skin but the urge to strangle Jiyong is greater. “It’s a crush, Jiyong. A secret crush. Why do I have to tell said person that I like them? That defeats the whole purpose of a secret crush.”

Jiyong scoots his chair back, it scrapes along the tiled flooring. “What are you afraid of? You’re not stupid. You’re not that bad on the eyes.”

Your head jerks up and you glare at your best friend, thinking of the worst possible way to sew his lips together because knowing Jiyong–he is bound to let your secret slip. You are amazed that he has kept it quiet for six years but honestly, the boy is a ticking time bomb. He can only hold in your secret for so long. “You’re not helping your case here. Why do you want me to tell Seunghyun anyway? It’s not like I’m bothering you with any of it and the only reason why you know about it is because you stole my laptop and read my online diary.”

Jiyong rests his head on the palm of his hand and the metal jewelry on his wrists jingle as they fall down his arm. “One. Who writes in an online diary? That’s just asking for it to be read. Two. It’s been six years and it’s getting sad now.”

“Oh stop it, Jiyong.”

“Don’t be so childish.”

“Shush, you.”

“Tell him or I will.”

“I will murder you in your sleep.”

“You will not.”

“Try me.”

“What’s the worst thing that can happen? He can say yes or he’ll say no and you’ll lose a friend. That’s not so bad. It’s better than staying in a constant period of 'what if’s’.”

Your back straightens. “You are my friend–

”Best friend,“ Jiyong corrects.

”Best friend,“ you grit your teeth and remind yourself to slip some extra strength laxatives into his favorite espresso right before an important interview in the near future. "You know all about my past crushes and for each one you told me to go for it–that nothing life threatening will come out of it. Being the idiot that I was back then, I listened to your imprudent advice. In grade school it was with Kim Woobin. The look of pity that he gave me still gives me nightmares. In middle school. Lee Jongsuk. He ran so fast that I’m sure he’s still running from me. In high school. Kim Soohyun. He had his mother call my mother and reject me because he was afraid that I would kill myself over him. Are you seeing my point here?”

Your chin settles onto the table. “It is inevitable that I will be rejected. I will lose a friend. All I want is to stay in my safe little world of 'what if’s’ because it’s a whole lot better than being hated and ignored.”

Jiyong pats your hair and places his head on the table. Your eyes lock with your best friend and you are unsure if maybe he finally understands why you keep your feelings under wraps.

“Are you guys about to kiss or something?"

Your moment is disrupted by the Adonis-like creature standing next to your table, leaning his tall frame to where you are foolishly sitting. Seunghyun looks from you and then to Jiyong and then back to you. The innocence is radiating from his doe-like brown eyes. His pristine image is ruined by the comment left from his lips regarding you kissing Jiyong. Kissing Jiyong is like kissing your brother. Not to mention the amount of germs on his lips are multiplied triple-fold in comparison to the germs on the table.

"Oh, I think the only person she wants to kiss is you, Seunghyun." Your eyes dart to Jiyong and his eyes grow wide as he grasps what he just said. ”Craaap. I’m gonna go before she takes that chair to my face.“

For a boy of his stature, Jiyong can run and you give him a head start before coming after him with hammer and sword. You look over to Seunghyun and oh god. It looks like he’s having the mental debate of a lifetime. Rejection is imminent and you hate Jiyong. After today, he is at the top of your hit list. Before your life ends, you are going to kill Kwon Jiyong and tear apart his loathsome mouth.

"I have to leave. I need to leave.” You say and start backing away from Seunghyun who seems to become more confused by the second.

As you’re about to turn and make a dash for the door, he takes hold of your hand and panic rips through your body. The bitter taste of rejection is at the tip of your tongue. “Wait, we need to talk.”

That one phrase is never a good start.

He takes the seat across from you, the exact seat that your now worst best friend sat in moments ago. “Do you like me–like–boyfriend material kind of way–like me?”

You grimace at his words and want to be wiped away by the soiled plagued-filled rag. “Yes.”

Seunghyun looks so apologetic and you don’t know why. You should be apologizing to him for having such a terrible band mate that burdens him with feelings that he doesn’t need to know about. “Since...when?”

Your face burns from embarrassment. “Six years,” you let loose a fake cough. “But you know...who’s counting.”

“You never told me.”

Men and their logic baffles you. “That is the idea of a secret crush, unfortunately.”

“I wish you did,” he says gently and for a person that is known not to make eye contact even with his closest friends, he’s looking straight at you. And his stare hurts–it physically pains you to look at him.

“Well, now you know,” you reply weakly. “I’m used to rejection. I can handle it.” You know a few tricks about handling rejection. One of your favorites is a tub of chocolae ice cream and a nice romantic comedy to drown out your sorrows. If that doesn’t work, you’re sure crying is the perfect remedy for a broken heart.

“Stop,” he says. And here it comes.

“I know. I’ll stop liking you–please just give me some time to work it all out.”

“No,let me finish,” he interjects and somehow you find him smiling brighter than he was before. “I think you should stop getting used to rejection.”

You shake your head and try to salvage your relationship to the best of your lacking abilities. “Seunghyun. Seriously, I’m okay with it. I am totally fine with only being your friend. I’m good. Really, really good.”

“So you don’t want to be my girlfriend?”

“Well, yes–of course I want to be. It’d be like a dream but you don’t want that. Do you–?”

You thought you were the embarrassed one but Seunghyun blushes, his cheeks are fused with a rosy hue. This is a Seunghyun you’re not familiar with since meeting him for the first time. He is usually playing around like a jokester with Jiyong but this is a more vulnerable Seunghyun and you are absolutely falling for him a little more as time passes.

“The only reason why I never went after you was because I thought you know–you only saw me as a friend. You went on and on about how you view us as your greatest friends and you would die if anything ever tore us apart. So, I thought that it was your way of telling me not to risk anything for that little bit of something more,” he explains.

You finally break away from his eyes and stare at the floor that has suddenly become the most interesting thing in the world. “You’re telling me that you–like me. And the feeling that I have–is mutual? That’s never happened before,” you mumble and feel his warm hands interfering with your thoughts.

“Good, because I’d very much like to make up for lost time,” Seunghyun says and leans forward, kissing your forehead.

Your elated smile stretches across your face and think that you can put off killing Jiyong for another day.



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