Revelry Part 5

You worked on the set designs for the next week, refusing to go out when Jak and Jiyong invited you. They deserved time together and not always dragging you around.

The night before the design presentations they went out for dinner with several of the other nuthang members. After they’d been gone about 45 minutes your phone buzzes.

UNK: Where are you?

YOU: Who is this?

UNK: Why didn’t you come to dinner?

YOU: Kyungil?

UNK: Good girl now why aren’t you here?

YOU: I told you to leave me alone and I’m working.

UNK: You need to eat.

YOU: I had ramen now delete my number I’m busy.

UNK: Not gonna happen. Ramen? That stuff will kill you.

YOU: How did you get my number? Only Jak and Ji…seriously?!? Why would he do that?

UNK: Smart girl and I asked.

YOU: Why? So you could torture me like this when I’m not around?

UNK: I can think of better forms of torture, if you’re into that.

You stare at the screen and read it again. Is he serious? This man has to be a split personality or something.

YOU: Did you need something? I’m preparing for tomorrow.

You quickly type again before he can respond.

YOU: No? Good. Goodbye Kyungil.

So he doesn’t surprise you again you quickly put a name to his number; Hot Prick.

A couple of hours later Jak and Jiyong show up with a doggie bag.

“How do you end up with a doggie bag when everyone eats from the table?”

“Oh it’s not a doggie bag,” Jak smiles and drops it in front of you. “It’s your dinner.”

You look up confused, “What? You guys didn’t have to do that.”

Jak smiles mysteriously, “We didn’t.”

Jiyong comes up behind her and smiles at you over her shoulder.

“By the way, whatever you said to Kyungil, really pissed him off. He almost threw your food at us as we were leaving.” She smirks and leans her head back on Jiyong’s shoulder.

“Kyungil? Why would he buy me food? The man can’t even stand me!”

Jiyong picks his head up and looks over at you, “You sure about that?”

You nod, “Pretty positive, he claims to have ‘pages’ of problems with me.”

Jiyong smiles and laughs a little.


“Nothing. Better if he tells you.” He looks over at your designs, “Can we see?”

“Sure,” you say as you nervously hand over your drawings.

Jak hands you a fork, “Better eat up or he’ll have Jiyong and I’s head. He was grumbling something about ramen being the food of the devil.”

She looks over Jiyong’s shoulder, “[YN] these are amazing!” She pulls them out of his hands to get a better look.

“You really think so?” She looks over at Jiyong, “What do you think?”

He smiles, “I think you have a great chance at winning.” That takes some of your butterflies away and you attack your dinner with gusto.

Everyone is presenting at different times, your presentation is at 9 am. You time it so that you arrive about 10 minutes early; you want time to think and prepare yourself.

When you step into the room, all you receive are blank stares. Expressions don’t really change during your presentation either. The best you get are a couple of raised eyebrows. The whole thing lasts maybe 10 minutes; they asked maybe two questions. You leave feeling just as anxious, if not more so, then when you arrived.

As soon as you hail a taxi, your phone buzzes; Hot Prick.

HP: Did you eat last night.

YOU: Yes thank you. Why did you send food home for me.

HP: Ramen will kill you.

YOU: Again, why do you care?

HP: #2 You have no idea.

YOU: What? No idea about what?

HP: Your presentation was good.

YOU: Should you be telling me this?

HP: I’ve already placed my vote. I came out to find you. Will you always run away so fast?

YOU: I have no idea what you’re talking about.


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