{NC} Waifu non-human *I couldn't wait😻*


Aries form Fairy Tail is my Waifu thats non-human. The celestial key spirit of "The White Lamb." She is super shy, cute, brave, and adorable. You just can't not love her. I love her personality and she is my number one pick for a non-human waifu.

For the Neko's my second pick is Felicia from the Dark Stalker serious. She's a video game and anime character like Blazs Blue. Shes super silly and fun. Her dream is to be a singer while being a badass fighter!


My 3rd pic as a NON-HUMAN is Centorea Shianus from yes Monster Museum. She is loyal, cute, shy, and honorable. She is a proud creature that has a beautiful heart that you can't hate but love. Tagging@BlackOutZJ@invinsybll@hikaymm Yep....this was interesting Ahaha. Very fun to do

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