Uplifting Relationship Advice From Mothers To Daughters

We all know, mother's know best.

As much as we don't really want our mother's to know about our relationship life, at the end of the day they always have our best interest at heart. While we are old enough to make our own decisions and learn from our mistakes, sometimes it's nice to have your mom in your corner giving you some much needed advice. Besides, more than likely, whatever we may be going through -- our mom's have experienced in the past.

If you happen to be stubborn like myself, taking advice from others is not always the easiest -- but it pays off in the long run. Either that or be prepared to hear, 'I told you so' somewhere down the line. Remember, at the end of the day it's all love. Keep scrolling to see a handful of the best relationship advice Cosmopolitan compiled from women who happen to have some wise mother's on their team.

"Never date a boy who isn't nice to their mom. It's the best way to see how they treat women they care about." -Lauren, 21

We've all heard this one before. The way a man treats the women in his life will be a clear sign of how he will treat you. Pay attention to the signs ladies.

"Never marry a man until you know what he looks like without facial hair." -Cat, 21

For all you beard lovers out there, it's better to know beforehand than after. You need know when or why he may have to shave off that lovely beard. Bare faces need love to.

"If he's truly interested in you, he'd let you know. He wouldn't disappear for weeks or months without notice." -Karina, 22

Don't trip off of the miniscule. Sometimes we overthink things, especially in relationships or blossoming relationships. If he cares, you won't have to worry about if he's going to stick around or not.

"When you know, you know. It shouldn't be so hard."-Elizabeth, 29

It's pretty simple. When it's the one for you, you will know. No questions asked.

"The most important thing is that he's your best friend. If you can sit with him, not say a word and it's comfortable just like that, you've got something good." - Alexandra, 23

Friends before lovers, always. If you aren't friends first, what foundation is your relationship truly based on? That's important.

"Marry somebody who makes you laugh." -Jane, 21

If they can genuinely get a good laugh out of you, keep them around. Laughing is life's best medicine.

"Don't ever let someone control you." -Vanessa, 22

A controlling relationship will make a turn for the worse before you know it. Remove yourself from those kind of situations quick, fast and in a hurry.

"To always make sure I can support myself no matter what, dependency isn't good for a relationship." -Rachel, 21

Make it known that you don't need a man to depend on. You're independent and can handle your own, but don't oblige to help. You can always use a little bit of help, especially if someone is reaching their hand out to you.


What's the best relationship advice your mom or someone else ever gave you?

Leave a comment below.


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