Trench Run is The 2D Multiplayer Shooter I'll Play Forever

I'm sure I said this yesterday when I was talking about Enter the Gungeon but I'm really into games that are all pixely and junk. So when Trench Run fell into my Internet lap this morning, I got extremely excited that this game is an actual thing.

It looks like an intense side-scrolling multiplayer shooter that is also making fun of itself any chance it gets. It's marketing itself as a multiplayer game where no one dies? You can go to the bar with your enemies afterwards? Wait, is that a crocodile with a parachute?

There's a lot to like about Trench Run, for me anyway, because it's so absurd. If it was just a straight up semi-destructible side-scrolling shooty-pew-pew game, I don't think I'd be interested in it. Wait, are they playing basketball now? What even is this game? And why does it look so fun?

SteamTOMORROW (April 7th).


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