I saw this and it has me curious. We all have our OTPs, but what about NoTPs? I tend to be neutral or positive of these things, so I don't really antiship anyone, but I was able to come up with a few close ones for me


This block contains SPOILERS for AKAME GA KILL! so if you haven't finished the anime, skip to the next block, or read on at your own risk. Tatsumi x Mine, Akame Ga Kill! Maybe it happens differently in the Manga, but at least in the anime, this felt kind of forced and out of the blue. There was a random funny comment suggesting the ship, then a couple episodes later, it was suddenly a thing as Mine died in Tatsumi's arms. It felt to me like they didn't think people would be emotionally affected enough by the death of the tsundere, so they through in this relationship with the loveable main character for the sake of feels. Of course, I'm not so against this ship that I'd wish death upon them... See what I did there?


Namie x Seiji, Durarara!! I don't know if there are any weirdos out there who actually ship this, or if it's just Namie, but just all of the no. I mean, for starters, they're brother and sister, which may be acceptable in some societies, but that's just weird to me, so strike 1. This is also completely one-sided; Namie has a crazy obsession with and is madly in love with Seiji, but he only has eyes for Celty's head, so he doesn't seem to care much about Namie, so strike 2. Finally it gets more insane as this is part of a love triangle with Mika Harima, a stalker who is also madly in love with Seiji and got plastic surgery to dupe him into believing she was Celty, which he seems to be okay with, if only temporarily, so this makes much more sense than shipping him with Namie, so strike 3. I kind of enjoy the strange relationship Seiji and Mika have, but I wouldn't complain if Namie stopped breathing so I didn't have to deal with her insanity anymore. I might be cool with Izaya x Namie though, if she can get over her brother.


Kirito x Asuna, Sword Art Online This last one isn't really an antiship, but I just think they're overrated as a couple. I feel like their relationship was a heat of the moment thing that arose from being stuck in a life or death video game, which was interesting and all, but I think it took away from the rest of the anime. Then it stagnated when they got back to living irl because there was no real basis for the relationship. While I appreciated them focusing on other things in season 2, it was like they were backtracking and trying not to be a romance anime even though they'd already kinda committed to it. This ship just kind of messed up what could have been a really cool anime (not that it wasn't still cool; it just could have been cooler). All of that said, I do still love this anime, and I do still ship it (though not as much as Kirito x sandwich!).

So anyone have any NoTPs they wanna share? PLEASE KEEP IT CIVIL! I know this will probably result in disagreements and debates, which I welcome, but just understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions and don't let it get too out of hand! Please and thank you!

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