B1A4’s Baro Has Fun in the Sun Despite Ankle Injury

No ankle injury is going to darken Baro’s day, as the B1A4 members had a fun day out under the sun. In a recent photoshoot with fashion magazine CeCi, B1A4 took off to a vacation site, where the members relaxed, jumped into a blow-up pool and splashed around like there was no tomorrow. Baro, who recently suffered an ankle injury, arrived on set to the worry of staff members, but he insisted that he would be all right and fully engaged in the photoshoot with no problem. The staff on location had nothing but praise for Baro and the other members for their professionalism. During the interview with CeCi, Jin Young shared about how it was to have his first onscreen kiss on tvN’s She is Wow. The B1A4 members also shared about what goes on in their dormitory and the affection they have towards each other. The full pictorial and interview will be included in the July issue of CeCi. Photo Credit: CeCi

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