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Captain Jeon crossed the street, maneuvering around people easily. It always seemed that even the most dense crowds, were parting for a man in uniform. He kept his head low, trying not to be even more noticeable than a uniformed officer who stood over a head taller than most of the people around him could be. But people still stopped and stared and followed them with their eyes to see where he was going. And once they saw that he was making a beeline to the roughed up man who stood just as tall as him with the same strong jaw and tired set to his eyes as he, their curiosity tapered a bit.

The captain had come to a stop directly in front of his little brother, but all the other man had done was slowly look up to meet his gaze. Then his tired expression was lowering to the captain’s left and right. “Where is she?” He asked softly, gaze cutting to the opposite side of the street in case you had somehow missed the light. His older brother rocked on his heels, slowly answering,

“She’s gone.”

Jungkook looked confused,”You let her go.” He corrected. Of course he had let her go.

“Why would you leave her alone?”

“Why do you care?” He countered gently. “You questioned why you were still with her and now she’s gone. You didn’t go after her, I think that makes how you felt about her pretty clear.” Jungkook looked away, that was true. He had decided not to pursue and now you were truly gone; but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to miss you.

It was big city, if you really wanted to disappear, you could. Captain Jeon cleared his throat,”She told me she was forced into your group. You and your ‘family’ held an innocent woman against her will. That’s not right, Jungkook. could you stand for something like that? How could you have said you loved her, but kept her against her will?”

“We all start out some way.” He mumbled,”She was traded for a ring. I was abandoned by our father. Tae was dropped off by his step mom. Jimin was tricked by a woman. Namjoon was convinced by a man he thought was like a brother to him. I think Jin was fed some lie that it was family thing. Yoongi was..I don’t know how he got in, but we all got in some way and once you’re in you can’t leave. I can’t leave and neither can she.”

Tae may have said you weren’t family, but Jungkook had been with you. He had protected you and treated you like everyone else in the organization. He had fought with you and held you and cried with you.

You were his family.

You were part of the family.

The officer frowned deeply. “So what organization is she in? It can’t be yours if you just let her go and Min threatened her. She’s not with anyone, she’s just stuck.” He checked the streets, eyes skipping over the passing people. It was habit ingrained into him from the police academy, but he noticed that Jungkook did the same thing, eyes subtly scanning over anyone who walked too close to them.

Jungkook furrowed his brows,”I..I don’t know. Everyone else treated her like..they just treated her different, but I’ve always viewed her as one of us. She’s part of the family to me, I don’t understand why everyone else thinks differently.” Captain Jeon sighed softly.

“Is she..was she the first girl you’ve ever been with..?” Maybe that was why Jungkook saw no fault in how you had come to him. He was too attached to the fact that you were the first woman he had such an intimate relationship with.

Jungkook had frowned, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Where was this line of questioning leading to? “No.” He deadpanned,”I’ve been with girls before her and after her. She’s not..she’s not different that way. Her and I never-”

“What’s special about her to you then?”

The younger of the two took a step back, face pinching,”Don’t you want me to leave her alone?” He growled,”Why are you trying to make me remember why I love her? That’s just going to make me go after her again.”

“You look so lost.” Captain Jeon whispered,”And since I first met you, after knowing that you were my family, she’s the only thing that’s brought a smile to your face.” He licked his lips,”Seeing the way you cradled her close when she was discharged..and the way you didn’t hold back with our dad when trying to get your visitation restored…” He shrugged, “And how troubled you looked when you couldn’t remember why you loved her.” Captain Jeon looked away, shaking his head,”You must’ve loved her so fiercely, so passionately and now it’s just gone..and you’re both so somber.”

Jungkook’s face pinched as if he was in pain, “She has Yoongi.”

Yoongi stared blankly at the cracking concrete wall. Blinking sedately, he felt an itch crawling up his throat, but ignored it, eyes tracing over the splintering edges of the crumbling wall. It had been over three days and although he had not tried to find out anything about your whereabouts, he was burning on the inside that you had not come back to see him.

Like he had told you to.

However, Captain Jeon had visited six times. Each time waving a new accusation in his face. Abduction, murder, assault, possession of illegal weapons, the works. All the bland accusations he was used to. Yoongi had only rubbed at his eyes tiredly, swiping the folders off the metal table and leaning closer to the officer.

Yoongi wanted to know about you.

“She’s free.”

At that, the mafia boss’s lips had snapped shut. He had leaned as far back as possible in his seat, handcuffed hands settled neatly and patiently in his lap. But the way he picked at his thumbnail told otherwise. That answer was something that he had never considered and it had put him on edge.

“Free?” Yoongi had echoed. The word tasted bitter on his tongue. You were as much a mafia member as himself or your brother. Members didn’t just become ‘free’. There was a price to pay or there was something you had to take. The only apparent thing that stood between you and ‘freedom’ was Jungkook. “Did she kill him?” He asked curiously. Captain Jeon had glared back at him, angered at the absurd answer.

“Do you really think I’d say that she was free if I knew she had killed Jungkook?”

Yoongi had shrugged, smirking at the officer, “You seem to have a soft spot for her.” He teased darkly, “After all, I’m pretty sure she’s the only suspect for the murder of one Park Jimin and yet..” He paused, “She’s free.”


“Mhm,” He cut in, nodding furiously. He had raised up his handcuffed wrists, nodding towards the opening door, “Technicality issues, happens all the time.” Yoongi chuckled, “Just like now.” Captain Jeon had swiveled in his chair, confusion twisting his features as two guards stepped in, keys jangling from one’s hands. They flanked Yoongi, one unlocking the cuffs as the other politely helped him stand. Yoongi was in for a life sentence, the Captain was personally making sure of this. What was happening? He waited for the guards to answer him, but they remained silent and stone faced.

Yoongi stood between them, the corners of his lips tilting up as he rubbed his wrists. The captain sure wasn’t expecting that, was he? But if the police captain could pull the technicality card and so could Jungkook, then there was no doubt Yoongi could find some leverage too. It was a good thing that the judge and lawyers overseeing his case had exquisite taste in the red light district of the city; which so happened to be up for grabs between organizations. One little call and mountains of photographic evidence were flooding Yoongi’s mailbox down in the mailroom.

“Wait, what’s going on?” The captain finally voiced. The two guards looked away from him, neither wanting to mention the little loophole that usually got an officer the outcome he wanted.

“Technicality, of course.” Yoongi replied. Nodding his head towards the doorway, Yoongi motioned of the man standing there, “Meet Jin…or Seokjin, I believe you know him as.”

Foot still wrapped tightly and settled into a boot, Jin stood silently, neatly pressed suit tapered snuggly. He looked almost exactly the same as when the captain had last seen him. The only thing missing was the shiny golden badge hooked onto his belt. Jin still had the soft look to his face that had confused the captain if the man had ever seen the inside walls of the police academy; but once the man had rattle off drill maneuvers, squad numbers, instructor names and even yearly senior pranks there was no doubt that the man had been in the academy at some point. That, and the way he seemed to know the ins and out of protocols and patrol routes. Then he had murmured the word ‘undercover’ and that filled in all the obscurities that Captain Jeon had noticed about him. “Seokjin?”

“Looks familiar right? Your undercover friend? Works for me.” Yoongi grinned, “He’s also Y/N’s older brother.” It was then that Jin had smiled softly, eyes downcast. And the captain was reminded of the way you had look when Jungkook had gently whispered something to you. You and Jin did, in fact, look very similar. The entire part about working for Yoongi was what stumped him. Perhaps this was all a part of his cover? But Captain Jeon never remembered anything about freeing convicts for the sake of their cover. Wasn’t it when the bad guy was in jail that the undercover bit ended?

Was there a man higher than Min Yoongi who needed to be taken down?

Captain Jeon blinked, unsure of what else to do. He stared at him, waiting for Jin to give some sort of notion that what Yoongi was saying was false, but all Jin had done was nod at him. Yoongi, newly released, clapped his hands, rubbing them together as he leveled his gaze with the captain.

“So, does ‘free’ have an address?”

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