Never Surrender pt 16

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The place Hobi picked was perfect. He had his stuff already moved in so that night we stayed there. "Can I ask you a few questions?" I asked laying in the bed next to him. "Yea of course." "First one....why did you get a place?" I was resting my head in my hands. "Well...I wanted a place that was ours. I know your place is basically it but this....this we both are on the lease." "How?" "Well you just have to sign the papers, I told the landlord I was going to surprise you and he was really nice about it." "Well don't you have to stay at the dorms?" "I don't have to....before yes but after announcing us I won't stay there. I want to be able to make sure you're safe." "They were ok with that?" "Yea. I thought I was going to have to fight them on this but they just let me do it. They said it was actually smarter than forcing you to live with 7 guys in the dorm." He smiled "Yea I think that might get a little weird." I rolled over and sat up. "That's all you wanted to ask?" He sat up following my lead. "No the other thing I was curious about was your saying...I guess I'll call it that." "What are you curious about?" "Well it's what you said the first time we met." I started fiddling with my hair. "Yea I know, I know that night wasn't the best thing at that time but I want to remember it forever since it was when we met." He grabbed my hand stopping me from messing with my hair. I looked him in the eyes. "So you know what I was wondering?" "Yes. I say it not only to remind myself of that first day but so when you hear it you remember as well. Also it's a great way for you to remember I really do love you." He leaned forward and lightly pressed his lips to mine. "You're smooth. " I said laughing. "Only when it has anything to do with you." "Ha ok." I kissed him back. This was a nice place. I could see us being here awhile. Once the sun came into the room neither of us could sleep. So we went out to have breakfast. He invited the guys and we all got to hang out for a little bit before they all had to go do there work. I was excited to let my landlord know that I would be moving out at the end of the lease. "(Y/n)!" I turned to see Jackie walking towards me. "Hey" "What we're you doing over here?" "Oh I just had lunch with Hobi and the guys." "Aww why didn't you invite me?" "Sorry it was super early so I didn't think about it." "It's ok just invite me next time. Ok." "Ok." "Are you heading home now?" She asked "Yea." "Can I come too. I'm so bored. " "Sure." As we started walking and talking she had pulled me really hard and I almost lost my balance. "Hey Jerk what where you're going!" She screamed. I looked at who she was screaming at. "I'm sor..." "Jerry what the hell you need to pay attention you could have hurt her." She said to the guy on the bike. "I'm sorry Jackie....(y/n) I'm so sorry." I looked at him confused. "Do I know you?" "That hurts but I took you to the hospital after I hit you with my bike remember." "Oh my gosh Jerry you seriously hurt her once already." Jackie was getting angry. "Oh yea. should probably watch where you are going...obviously I need to do that too." I grabbed Jackie to pull her away from him. "(Y/n) I'm so sorry about my brother." "He's your brother!?" "Yea sadly." "Hey you're no peach yourself." Jerry said Then they continued to bicker. After several minutes I finally decided I was just going to go off on my own. "I am leaving I have things to do see you later." I said waving to them both and walking away. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I opened it. My Hope: Baby did you get home okay? Me: No. I got stopped by Jackie and her brother. My Hope: well hurry up and get home I left something there for you. Me: you stopped by my place? My Hope: It's your gift I realized I forgot to give it to you yesterday. Me: Oh ha yea I forgot I really didn't care the moving in thing was an amazing gift I just thought it was that. My Hope: nope there's more. Me: Ok I'll text you when I get home. My Hope: Alright love you Me: love you too. "Was that J-hope?" I turned to see Jackie next to me. "Yea it was." "I want to see should video chat." "No he's busy." Why was she acting like this. I wasn't the girlfriend that had to be clingy. Why would I think of bothering him when he's busy. "Come on he'll drop everything for you." "I would never ask him to." "(Y/n) you're no fun." "I'm sorry his career is a bit more important than video chatting me. If he calls me and wants to then I'll do it. But for now I'm good with just texting him." "Don't get angry." "I'm not angry I'm just thinking about him and the guys." "I get it." She said and that was it. She still came over Me: I'm home. My Hope: Ok go into your room. I walked to my room with Jackie close behind. I looked and saw there was a teddy bear on my bed holding a gift. I grabbed the bear along with the gift smiling. "Aww is that from J-hope?" "Yea." I started opening the box. Inside the box was a little fuzzy box. I pulled it out and opened it. Inside was a heart shaped necklace. I pulled the necklace out and realized it was a locket. I opened it to see a picture of us. I smiled. There was an inscription on the inside. "I will always be your hope. I love you Hoseok" I smiled and put the necklace on. Me: I love it! My Hope: I'm glad you like it. Me: I love you! My Hope: I love you too. Are you wearing it? Me: Yes right now. I took a quick picture and sent it to him. My Hope: beautiful. Ok I gotta go but I'll call you tonight. Me: Ok TTYL "Is that from J-hope?" "Yup a gift for our anniversary." I smiled touching it. "It's cute." I started going through things. "What are you doing?" Jackie asked "I'm going to get rid of some things. I won't need all that I have." "Are you moving?" "Yea at the end of my lease." "Where?" "With J-hope." "Into the dorm!?!?! You are so lucky. 7 hot guys in the same apartment as you." "Actually it's just Jhope and me in a new place." "Oh I'm so jealous." I don't know why but I have a really bad feeling. I was thinking of how often Jackie and I hung out before she knew I was dating J-hope. It was not much.

Jhopes face in this screenshot is priceless lol. Any whoooo. what do you guys think? Should you be suspicious of her? is she really a friend or using you to get close to BTS?'ll just have to wait and see what happens in the next chapter of never surrender. ( ha I feel like a TV Pokémon how they end up ending the episode in suspense. kekek)


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