Since we're all gathered here 'round this campfire, I thought it's time for me to admit something about an anime cliche I love...

Guys: I love it when characters shout out attack names or just shouting loudly in general for absolutely no reason in mecha and other anime!!

This example is from Bleach and is meant to be funny as he yells out the longest attack name EVER, but....well....I still love it!

There's just something really satisfying about it.

(not all of these do it, but you can see that among these 'top 10' a lot of them do!)

I really loved in Asterisk War where they acknowledged that they were doing it but kept doing it anyways, lol. Asterisk War has done a great job of subverting cliches while also STILL JUST DOING EVERYTHING CLICHE. This doesn't show that part, but shows Julis and Ayato saying their attack names.

So, what anime cliche do you love?

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