day 4 of the 30day bias challenge!!

hi im here with my day 4 of the 30day bias challenge! here we go!!


my biases with messy hair! love it!! V looks especially good like that i think!! anyways i hope you enjoyed i have one more card that im going to do today for bias challenge and that is it. anyways i hope you have a great day! let me know if you want to be added or removed from my taglist! my taglist:@Lexxcisco@DonnaSearles

hi everyone! i am 22 and i am obsessed with kpop! especially bts,got7,ukiss and super junior! feel free to message me anytime if you wanna talk especially if you are a fan of any of these groups! also i am a new youtuber who makes videos pretty frequently! if you are interested my account name is kpopfan forever77 take a look at my account if you want! i am still new so i do not have many videos yet and am still figuring things out but im getting better and i love doing it!
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