day 5 of the 30day kpop challenge!!

okay this may be my shortest card yet. there is like no pictures of my biases in red basically and for one i had to do him with just red hair lol

can i just say that in the first picture V eyes are killing me cuz theyre so gorgeous?!! omg. anyways thats it for me. sorry its so short!!! but i hope you enjoyed and i hope you have a great day! wait patiently till tomorrow when ill have another new bias challenge card for you! let me know if you would like to be added to or removed from my taglist! my taglist:@LexxCisco@DonnaSearles

hi everyone! i am 22 and i am obsessed with kpop! especially bts,got7,ukiss and super junior! feel free to message me anytime if you wanna talk especially if you are a fan of any of these groups! also i am a new youtuber who makes videos pretty frequently! if you are interested my account name is kpopfan forever77 take a look at my account if you want! i am still new so i do not have many videos yet and am still figuring things out but im getting better and i love doing it!
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