John Oliver Knows How To Say F*ck You To Elitist Corporations

If you haven't heard yet, John Oliver has figured out the perfect way to really stick it to the New York Yankees. You see, recently they didn't think their billion dollar brand was making enough money, so the Yankees decided to screw their fans over by not allowing the resale of tickets on stub hub. Their theory, the fans who might score some amazing tickets might not be worthy for the normally expensive premium seats. Fuck that. John Oliver, like the boss he is, brought some of the most expensive tickets (right behind home plate) and is selling them for a whopping 25 CENTS! Watch below!

AMAZINGGGG! So far 3 lucky groups of fans have already won! Check out how they are making sure they blend in with all the rich ass snobs who the Yankees wanted to put in those seats.

Seriously, greed never works out in the long least not for the greedy!

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