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Taehyung's pov

I came back to consciousness but couldn't open my eyes, there was a cloth covering my eyes. I felt caked blood all over my face and partially on my arms. I could hear footsteps faintly not too far away from me. I tried to move my body but ropes bounded me to a chair. The faint footsteps became closer to me as I continued to struggle against the ropes.

"Stop struggling." A man said and he lifted my head up and took off the cloth covering my eyes. I saw y/n limp in a chair directly across from me with blood covering a lot of her lower face and on her legs. "You're the one that y/n picked, right?" I nodded. "We're not just random people trying to kidnap you, I mean, we are but we're working under professionals."

"Does that mean you and the other guys are from the facility?" I asked, my voice shakier than I wanted.

"Yeah, we are." The man pulled up a chair and sat beside y/n's limp body. "Y/N... I was a commander in the facility until they decided they needed people out and about." He chuckled to himself. "I had faith in her that she would get through the training. Unlike many of the others, she didn't ask why they were training or why we treated her like how we did."

"How did you treat her and why were you training her?"

"I dunno, I was just a security guard. I was a guard for her division. Me and the other guards that were also stationed there examined her closely." He reached over and untied the cloth around her eyes. "I don't understand why we're beating you guys up, not many of us do. The ones that do know won't tell."

"Um...can you untie me?" I wiggled my arms behind my back.

"Well, I gotta kinda tell the others that you're conscious. Be right back." He walked out the door and turned. I looked at y/n's limp body and examined her for any signs of consciousness.

"Y/N..." I whispered. "Pssst...y/n...pssst! Are you awake?" She made a groaning sound and her head lifted slightly. "Y/N! It's me, TaeTae! Wake up!" Her eyes flew open and she stared at me.

"Tae..." She gasped and tried to get out of her chair but then realized that she was tied to a chair. "Where...what...huh?"

"It's the facility that took us, the guard went to go tell some other people that we're conscious." I looked down the hall where the man left. "I don't know when he'll be back or if we'll have to fight. Just be ready for anything." She nodded and looked around the room we were in.

"Yeah, he woke up a few minutes ago." The guard said and walked into the room with two other people. One wearing a black tank top and the other wore a blue hoodie. "Y/N! You're awake! You two recover quickly, it's been only two and a half hours since you got knocked out. We're all impressed." He and the man wearing a hoodie pulled out knives from their pocket. One came to each of us and cut the ropes on our hands then our feet.

"Now what?" Y/N said while rubbing her wrists where the ropes were.

"You two need to fight us and try to escape. No weapons, just fists." The man in the tank top said.

"We're still in the same place as we were knocked out, right?" Y/N said. They all nodded and put away their knives. "I hope I can put all that training to good use."

"You might as well, there might not be another option." The guard said. We all got into our fighting stances and looked at each other with somewhat apologetic faces. "Now!" Then we all rushed to each other. I didn't think that y/n would be able to fight very well against people that looked almost twice her size.

"Y/N, take tank top dude and I'll take on the guard and the hoodie dude!" I said to y/n. She nodded slightly and rushed up to the guy wearing a tank top and punched him in the gut. That made him keel over to the point where she could kick him in the face. She pushed his head to the side and he fell coughing violently. The entire time the three of us, the guy in a hoodie, the guard, and I, stood frozen watching y/n beat up the guy in a tank top.

"What?" She looked at me with questioning eyes then to the guy I said I was going to fight. "Are you going" I snapped back into reality and simply punched the hoodie guy that was standing next to me. He still hadn't grasped to reality after watching y/n and didn't come back until after me fist connected to his jaw. He fell to the ground and held his jaw.

Without a second to spare, y/n pulled the guard's legs out from under him making him hit his face off the cement floor. All three of them were on the ground holding their wounds. I grabbed y/n's hand and walked out of the room and back to the street where we last saw the others. At first, I thought that they had left us like they had told them to or went to the police.

"Ju~ngkoo~kie~" "Ji~mi~n" "Joo~nie~" "Ho~bi~" "Yoo~ngi~" "Ji~n" Y/N and I yelled to the open air of the dark street. It was maybe 7 o'clock and the sun was setting but the large building made it seem later than it probably was. Y/N shouted their names a few times then looked at me for help.

"I-I guess I can call them." I said then pulled out my phone and dialed Jin's number.

"C'mon...pick up, pick up..." I bounced up and down nervously until I heard him pick up.

"Taehyung?!" Jin yelled. "Where are you?! Is y/n with you?!"

"Hyung! We're at the street we were taken from and I have y/n right here beside me." I sighed.

"Guys! They're okay! Alright Tae, don't move, we'll be there in a few minutes!"

"Better hurry, it's getting dark." Then I hung up. "Y/N, they're coming!" Her face lit up and gave me a big hug and I spun her around. "We're going to have to wait a few minutes until they get here though."

"It's okay." Y/N sat down against a wall and I sat beside her. "Are you hurt?" She examined my arms and face for injuries.

"I'm not, don't worry about me. We both should be more worried about you though. You fought...great! I was really surprised and so were the facility guys." I plucked her hand off of my arm when she was further examining me. "How'd you do that?"

"Training at the facility." She stared forward and acted like fighting like she had years of practice was a norm for her. I didn't question it though.

"HYUNG!!! Y/N!!!" Jungkook yelled from down the street. He and the rest of the guys were walking or running down the sidewalk with smiles on their faces. Y/N and I stood up immediately and I put my arms out for a hug from Jungkook. "You two are okay?" Jungkook gave me a tight hug and so did someone else, probably Jimin. Jungkook

studied mine and y/n's faces then smiled. "Let's go now." We then started for the Big Hit building.

"How come you didn't call the police about us getting kidnapped?" Y/N said as we walked.

"We were told not to." Namjoon said almost sounding defeated. "After you two were taken the other people told us that they were from the facility. They also gave us a new rule paper to give to the company. It said that if it's a facility incident then we can't call the police unless it really goes too far." We all went silent.

"Did...did you search for us?" Y/N was shaking very slightly, from either the wind or fear.

"Of course." Yoongi said. "We searched until the company called us at around 4." Y/N simply nodded and we continued to walk and talk of our adventure.

Here's another chapter for Tae stans. I have a little something thought out in my head for the next chapter. It'll be great! What do you all think about this story? Technically, it's 10 parts long but having each member's parts makes it almost 40 parts now. 'Kay, any feedback is greatly appreciated, as always. <3 If you have any questions at all, you can drop those in the comments. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. M'kay, bye~

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