Revelry Part 7

You can feel his eyes on you no matter where you go in the room. It’s a little unnerving, but maybe a little empowering at the same time. You still aren’t positive that you believe his comments are ‘compliments’ and not insults. You want to believe him, his actions definitely aren’t fitting with the words you hear.

When Jiyong drops you and Jak off that night you decide it’s time for her to tell you about Korean dating.

“ Crap! I totally forgot didn’t I? No wonder he’s confusing you!”

She gets distracted by a text. She smiles at her phone, shoots back a quick text and puts her phone back down.

“Sorry, not sorry. So the first thing you need to know is…”

Her phone goes off again. She picks it up, smirks, shoots back a reply and puts it down again.

“Are you done? Who is that?”

She smiles at you,

“Ji. Korean guys love to text you at the beginning. If they like you, they will text you at any and all times. It’s how they show they’re interested; after a while the texts will die down though.”

Her phones goes off again and you point to it.

“Die down?”

She smiles,

“We’re finishing a conversation we started earlier. He’s trying to win. He so won’t.” She finishes this text and puts her phone under a pillow.

“Okay, another thing. You know how in America, guys are sometimes cheap skates and want you to pay or go dutch and they claim it’s women’s lib? Yeah, that doesn’t happen here. If you don’t let them pay, they are highly offended.”

You shrug,

“That doesn’t sound too hard.”

“It can be when they want to start buying you more than just dinner and a date. When Ji bought me my first piece of jewelry I tried to turn it down. It was way more expensive than I wanted but he picked it out, it was his money, so…you get the idea.”

She thinks for a minute..

“Oh, if a guy on the street asks if you want to go watch a DVD, movie or go on a day trip with him? Say no. All they want is sex. They will take you to a sex hotel and even though I know you’re tough, I’d hate it if there was someone you couldn't fight off.”

You just sit and stare at her a moment. That was way more information than you wanted.

She’s trying to resist her phone buzzing noisily under the pillow. You finally just roll your eyes and laugh,

“Just talk to him.”

You wander off to get ready for bed when your own phone starts to buzz.

HP: You made it home safely?

YOU: Yes, you don’t trust Jiyong’s driving?

HP: Lol, not that I’d admit to him.

YOU: You all drive crazy over here.

HP: True. I would have just preferred to drop you off myself.

You kind of let that one just sit there.

HP: What are you doing?

YOU: What are you doing?

HP: I asked first. Are you already in bed?

YOU: Nope. Your turn.

HP: I’m texting you. I should be sleeping I have a schedule tomorrow.

YOU: Then go to sleep, that’s easy.

HP: Not as easy as you think. I warned you about my thoughts.

YOU: Yeah, you can just keep those to yourself thanks.

HP: Rofl, one day you may ask me for them.

YOU: Maybe, in the far, distance future; but maybe not. I’m still not sure about you.

HP: #5 so mistrusting

YOU: And there you go again.

HP: Goodnight feisty, sweet dreams.

You stare at your phone for a few minutes just shaking your head, men.

The doorbell rings the next afternoon around lunch. You put your laptop away and head to answer it. Some habits die hard as you wish there was a peep hole in the door. You tell yourself to chill out as you remind yourself that you’re in Korea. There are supposedly less serial killers here. You open the door to see Kyungil.

He smiles and holds out a paper to you.

“The schedule for shooting and for when your meetings are.” He holds out a bag with another hand,

“Have you had lunch?”

That’s right; Jak said that Korean’s love to feed you. It is their way of asking you out or showing concern. You step back and allow him to enter.

“I’m assuming there is enough in there for two?”

He places it on the counter and turns with a wink,

“Of course. Foolish of there not to be.”

He reaches behind him and pulls something out from beneath his coat. When you turn from closing the door he presents you with a single unopened purple rosebud. You thank him and reach for a glass to put it in water.

He grabs a hand cloth from the oven handle and heads over to the coffee table with the food. He puts the cloth over the creases in the table;

“Just in case. Wouldn't want anything leaking down onto your laptop.”

You just look at him and he laughs,

“Who do you think gave Jak the idea for you and store? Ji was out of town.”

You just shake your head. There is obviously much more to this man than you first thought. He is much better friends with Jak than she let on also.

After lunch he makes his excuses and heads to the door. As soon as you’ve seen him out you head back to your laptop. It may be girly but who gives purple roses? You’re dying to know the meaning of the color.

‘A single purple rose expresses beauty. A single rosebud of any color speaks of innocent love. An unopened bud signifies great promises in the future, while stressing the purity of the present.’

You sit back and smile over at flower still sitting on the counter. You go back and read the definition again. Wait... innocent?

You laugh, well not quite so innocent if what he says about his thoughts is true.


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