Top 12 men that drive me crazy


Jackson Wang-Got7 I can talk a world of good things about this guy right here! after his good looks, he is such a talented person, with an amazing heart and beautiful personality. There is not one thing I dislike about Jackson! He has motivated me so many times to be the person that I'm, teaching us to always be who you are. He will always reign in my list of top bias! King Wang.


Choi Si-won Super Junior Siwon is such manly man! like how can you not like him? only if you didn't know him before that's how! Superjunior is on a break right now but I love Siwon, he is so sexy!


Choi seung hyun ( T.O.P) Bigbang T.o.p is amazing! his look is sexy and mysterious just like his life style ( I'm looking at you chair) I really enjoy his voice as I'm always more drawn to the rapper of the group. He is also a very talented actor. I really love seeing his face everywhere for Cass so I can't ever let him go.


Bobby ( Ikon ) His voice is literally my favorite voice ever! I really like these type of voices so Bobby is perfect! The first time I saw him was in the sprite commercial but can you believe I hardly cared about it lol Bobbys face is perfect!


Song Min-ho ( winner ) I have a few things I love when it comes to idols, low voice, jawlines, nice eyebrows and rappers lol The first time I saw winner it was hard to choose whom I loved more, but after listening to a few song I fell in love with Mino. Also he reminded me of another love I have...

Kwon Ji-yong better known as G dragon That voice! that face! Gdragon has it all plus so much style! he is so sweet and soft yet hard! I know it seams contradicting, Gdragon is literally the definition of style.

Kim Nam-Joon - Rap monster yup you guest it! I had to have rapmonster here! like I mentioned before these are my favorite type of voices along with cute faces! our leader Rapmonster is sooo talented, I love his personality and his leadership skills. He might not be the best dancer lol but he rocks everything else!

Mark Tuan (Got7 ) I swear his face is unreal! like he is a doll! that face is perfection and I love to hear his laugh is so cute ! ahh I Love Mark! just look at that face!

Son Hyun woo - Shownu Monsta x Another sexy leader! Shownu is super cute and I can't get over his perfect lips, like have you seen more perfect lips? I want those for myself! lol Shownu is super talented and a great dancer as well ( he used to be a dancer before idol) I love how he closes his eyes when he smiles. (ps) picking a bias from monsta x? good luck!

Im Jae -Bum JB (Got7) I love Jbs serious face, a lot of my bias have many similarities. Jb is an amazing leader and singer, his voice will swoon you over! I love his smile and just everything about him! he is a little bit quiet but I like that about him.(picking a Got7 bias??? even more good luck to ya!)

Chen Xiao (Vav) Xiao is actually my age! ahhh I love how cute he is and outgoing! he has a beautiful voice and is very tall much like most of my bias up there ^^^^ which I love! Xiao is the only bias I have that in terms looks very different from the rest I would usually like but when I met Vav Xiao was the cutestand very sweet!


Taehyung - v ( Bts ) Hmm -_- lastly is this little boy coming into my life like a wrecking ball! get out of here with all that little boy! uhhhh!! I love Vs personality, I feel like just like Jackson we are one of the same kind lol! being sexy,cute, adorable, baby alien is hard work and he knows how to do it lol I hate you V -_-

God #1 ) I like anime, cosplaying, heroes and villains, my puppy, and k-pop. I live an animated life. don't ever grow up.
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