4 Years with Exo.

@EmilyPeacock thank you for Making this Game, And Thank you@MrsJungHoseok for Tagging me. Did you Know: Exo was my First Kpop group.

The one Who Got Me in.

Chanyeol Got me in because The first Exo song I ever heard was "Overdose" And I thought his Rapping Skills where so Amazing!

The One who I First Stanned

The Second I saw Kai I was in LOVE!!! I loved his Crazy hair during that Era I thought it was Hot. Actually, Kai was my Very First Kpop Bias. I can Thank this Hottie for getting me into Kpop.

The one who made me stay.

I can't get enough of his Beautiful Vocals. I love his Gorgeous voice.

The one who Crashed my Bias list.

Sehun is the Troublemaker that Has Crashed my Bias list.

I used to be known as SarangRavi and YongRaviZiMon
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