[FANFIC] Guess the Idol!! - Part 2 TO CONTINUE OR NOT TO CONTINUE!!! 😁

Yep...I'm keeping the "GUESS THE IDOL" game still on hahahha Thanks for the comments from Part 1- http://www.vingle.net/posts/1518749?shsrc=v With your encouragement, I've scribble the second part although I'm not sure how the story will go as I don't really have a set plot in mind. I'm just spinning on the go... So yeah, excuse if it's lame hahahahaha P.S. The blur image is of the idol so u can pretty much guess from it...if not guess u'll have to wait for me to reveal the name!! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE & COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS IF YOU LIKE THE STORY. GOMAWOOOO @KiinLyr@EmmaJolie@KiinLyr@RKA916@drummergirl691@KristinaCaron@MadAndrea@KristinaCaron@pharmgirlerin (Sorry if u didn't want to be tagged, let me know. I will untagged)

5 minutes into reading, someone walks up to my table. I thought it was my order and looked up only to find the tall guy. "Oh hi...something wrong?" I asked as I was a little confused. Tall guy laughed '...no no, may I?' he asked pointing at the seat opposite to me. 'Sure...' I told him a little surprised and curious why he came over. 'So you are waiting on someone?' tall guy asked. 'Yes...for my baby sister actually. She came over for some fansign which is happening somewhere nearby. I'm on chaperon' duty I laughed. 'Really! what about you, you don't want to join the event? the tall guy asked.' Well, not really, I think I rather stay out of the whole thing. Having my baby sis obsessing is enough to last me a lifetime' I smiled. 'I see...so you just came here because of your sister then? tall guy asked. 'Yeah...she told me she wouldn't take more than 2 hours and I really hope it does not. I need to get back to my university's for some pending work'. That's when he asked me which university I go to. I told him the name of my university, he then mentioned that he was also planning to enrolled himself next year but haven't decided on the university. While we were discussing about the courses, his friends came over and said that they needed to leave. 'Sorry, I have to leave now. It was really nice talking to you. Too bad, I have to rush, else I would have loved to continue this conversation' he apologized. 'That's alright, nice meeting you too and thanks for sharing the table' I smiled. 'Pleasure and hey the coffee is on me OK' he said as he got up. 'Oh no no...please don't, you already let me share your reservation' I told him. He insisted, so I thanked and told to drop by my cafe when he gets time and that his first order would be on the house. Really, which cafe is it? tall guy asked raising eyebrows. I told him the name and that it somewhere near the university. He said, he would try to visit soon and wave again before pushing off the door. My order came and I got back to my reading while I sipped on the coffee. Half way into it, I realized that tall guy and I never exchanged names. He sure is a nice fella and easy to talk with I thought. And for someone like me, it kinda a big deal as I'm not much of a people's person especially with someone new. I was so engrossed with my book that lost track of time until my phone buzz beside me. I look at the caller and saw it was Amira. She called saying that the event was over and she was waiting outside for me with her friends. I quickly wrapped up my book and retrieved my bag before heading. I picked the gals and dropped them off my folks place. The journey back was a never ending series of the kids spazzing about the event, that idol, this idol and whole fingerling biz. I could hardly keep track what the whole big deal was about. I got back to the university to finish my pending work and got back home past 8. Exhausted , I slept like a log that night.

Thanks for getting to the end of this part hahaha. I hope it's no lame... ANY GUESSES ON THE TALL GUY YET!! Will dedicate the next chapter to whoever get it right!!

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