What his Staff think of Lee Min Ho?

The reporter commented “it seems like you’ve mastered the technique of selca,” to which LMH waved his hand replying, “Ae–i, only 1 or 2 pictures are picked out of hundreds that were taken. Those are the product of tremendous effort.” He’s able to capture various selcas during filming thanks to his staff members who are like family to him. The team consists of 2 managers, a stylist, a hair designer and a makeup artist, who have worked with him for the past 3~4 years. Because of that, they appear in his twitter pictures from time to time. I asked the lovely 3 musketeers (his 3 female staff) ‘what kind person is Lee Min Ho to which their replies overflow with warmth. Hair designer Seo Jini said “he’s a cute aegyo person~” while laughing. “He has the ability to make people feel comfortable. Right from the first time we met up til now, he’s been making our lives miserable. Now, we’ll both miss each other if the other person is not around.” Makeup artist Yoo Hye Mi said “Lee Min Ho-goon coerces us, he’s like a ‘Bol Mae’. By that I don’t mean that he becomes more attractive the more you know him, I mean he’s the style that deserves a whipping the more you know him,” and laughed crackingly. (P.S: Bol Mae is an abbreviation frequently used to mean that the person is more attractive the more you see him/her) LMH responded yelling, “You guys are also Bol Mae!” and all of them laughed in a heap. Watching them joking around reminds me of a mixed indie band of Hongdae. “Really?” they asked with a smile of satisfaction. Lee Min Ho said ” Other stars may feel awkward to be reported together with their staffs but it’s the direct opposite for us. We study hard how we can make one another come out well,” displaying a strong teamwork that is worth being proud of…”

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