Just Love Me Part 6



Practice the next morning requires Monster energy drink. You aren’t a big fan of them but emotionally you are in knots and its making you feel like a slug physically.

You arrive a little later than usual; it appears that all the guys are already in the practice room. They are laughing and joking around, a few wave to you as you wander in. You can only hear snippets of their conversation but the few words you hear send a shiver up your spine. You wander closer to hear better.

“I totally had an entire conversation as him over text! Whoever this girl is, she’s totally clueless.” Rounds of laughter and knee slapping follow this comment.

“Do you know who she is?”

“Nah, he has her under a nickname in his phone… something simple like ‘noona’.”

Your monster drink is about to make a reappearance. You send up a silent prayer, please God don’t let them be talking about you. You wonder if there's time to get to the bathroom before you throw up or if you can keep it down. A distraction; that will be the only thing that saves you from freaking out right now.

Hands reach out and grab you before you run the person behind you over.

“Noona? What’s wrong?”

At his words, the group on the floor look up.

“Well look who decided to grace us with his presence! About time you got out of bed.”

He looks over your shoulder and pulls a face at his group members.

“I didn’t sleep much,” when you tense at his words he continues, “some of you snore incredibly loud.”

The group roll their eyes at him and go back to their conversation.

He leans down to look at your face.

“[YN],” he whispers, “you’re white as a ghost. What happened?”

You shake your head and take a deep breath. Pasting a smile on your face you make up an excuse.

“Must be coming down with something, I’ll be fine.”

You manage to untangle yourself from him,

“I have to start the music.”

Nothing else is said until break, it’s like they just can’t drop the subject. As they include [HN] in the conversation, understanding dawns on him. He gets up and digs his phone out of his bag.

[HN]: No one else but me is texting you. I don’t play these games.

When your phone buzzes you simply just look over to see who it’s from. You pick it up and just hold it for a minute, not sure you want to open it. It buzzes again.

[HN]: [YN]? They don’t have any idea. This is between you and me.

You finally decide to slide it open and read what he sent. When you look up, he’s staring straight at you from across the room. You place your phone back down and get up to finish practice.

He's taking his time getting his things together. He waits until all his members are out of the room and only the two of you are left. As you go to walk past him he reaches out and grabs your arm.

“I wouldn’t do that to you. They were talking about our manager."

He sighs as he still gets no response from you.

"My phone is never out of my sight and no one knows my password.”

You nod, “Okay.”

He tips your head up so he can see your face. He strokes your chin for a minute with a smile;

“Besides, your listed as Jagi, not noona.”

Your shocked eyes look up into his smiling ones. He leans over and kisses you on the forehead.

“I mean it all, believe that.”

He slides his hand down from your face and takes your hand, interlocking your fingers. He grabs his bag and gives your hand a squeeze,

“I’ll walk you to your car.”

You look down at your joined hands, but as you get to the practice room door he gives it a final squeeze and then releases it.

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