BTS Love Cycle: Suga & Jimin

Ch. 3

Suga snuggled up against Jimin resting his head on his shoulder. Jimin notices and looks over at him. Smiling Jimin lays his head on Suga’s and closes his eyes. Jimin wasn’t asleep long before he was being yelled at by Jin.

“Hey sleepy head’s wake up where here.” Jin shouts while slapping on Jimin and Suga’s legs. Jimin shoots up and Suga follows they bump heads in the process. Suga looks at Jimin and they both laugh.

“Sorry hyung.” Jimin said. Suga just nods in agreement while rubbing his head.

“You have a hard head Jimin.” Suga says. Suga grabs his things and gets out of the van. Jimin quickly follows.

The boys where doing a music video(MV) for their new single and in between sets Jimin and Suga would steal glances at each other while the other wasn’t looking. Between the both of them they kept replaying the kiss they shared that morning. Jimin finally had enough of it, he needed to know how Suga felt about him and see if kissing actually kissing each other would stop this craving Jimin had.

J-hope comes up behind Jimin and slaps his shoulders. “Hey man, you seem out of it. What’s up?” Jimin turns to J-hope and smiles.

“I’m just thinking about things.” Jimin replies. J-hope puts his arm around Jimin and he sees Suga moving in out of the corner of his eye. J-hope had his suspicions so he wanted to test his theory.

“Hobi Hyung!” shouts Tae. Tae comes running and bumps into J-hope which he pushes Jimin and Jimin falls into Suga’s arms and both of them fall down. When Jimin opened his eyes Suga and Jimin again made lip contact and kissed. Jimin quickly gets up remembering where they are.

“Jimin, Suga are you guys okay?” Tae asks, Jimin offers his hand to Suga to help him up.

“Hey Tae, watch it hyung.” Jimin yelled at Tae and slapped the back of his head.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to knock you guys down. What about you Hobi, you okay?” Tae asks. J-hope just nodded his head and walked away. Tae looked and at Suga and Jimin and bowed his head before running after J-hope.

“I’m gonna go sit in the van until it’s my turn okay.” Suga says to Jimin. Jimin looks at Suga as he rubs the back of his head.

“You sure you’re alright hyung?” Jimin asks. Suga nods his head with a smile and walks out of the building. Jimin thought for a minute he landed pretty hard on the ground and its cement, I hope he doesn’t have a concussion. Maybe I should just check on him anyway and he walks out of the building.

When Jimin comes to the van he see’s Suga in the back with his head up against the window and he’s asleep. Jimin runs to the van and tries to wake up Suga.

“Hey man, hey wake up!!” Jimin slaps Suga’s face trying to get him to wake up but Suga didn’t wake up. Jimin jumps out of the van and gets the manager.

“Manager, Manager, Suga’s not waking up!” Jimin yells, the manager turns around and follows Jimin out to the van. The manager tries to wake up Suga with no success.

“Let’s get him to the hospital.” Jimin nods in response to his manager’s decision. The manager gets in the driver’s seat and sets off.

“Jimin, you have your phone call my assistant and tell them what’s going on and where we’re going.” The manager says. Jimin nods and quickly takes out his phone. His hands are shaking he hopes Suga is alright but he’s worried. Jimin lets the assistant know and the members as well.

Jimin and the manager get Suga to the hospital the doctor on call looks Suga over quickly and tells the nurses to get an operating room ready. Suga has a concussion and a hemorrhage they need to act immediately. Jimin is about to drop to the floor but the manager looks at him and walks him over to the waiting room.

“Call the boys, okay.” The manager says. Jimin just nods his head. Jimin feels like he’s going to throw up he’s so nervous. Jimin take’s out his phone and calls Namjoon.

“Hyung it’s me, we are at Seoul Medical hospital. They rushed Suga into surgery.” Jimin stops to take a deep breath.

“Okay we got it, we will be there asap.” Namjoon tells Jimin. Jimin nods his head and ends the call. He leans back in the chair and closes his eyes he prays that everything will be fine, Suga will be fine. Jimin doesn’t want to lose Suga, he loves him, he’s his hyung.

“Jimin!!” The members of BTS yell as they see Jimin in the waiting room. Jimin looks up and gets up.

“What’s going on any news?” everyone asked at once. Jimin just shook his head.

“No news yet, they just took him back for surgery, the doctor said something about a concussion and hemorrhage.” Jimin says.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have been messing around.” Tae says as he sobs. Jimin walks over to Tae. Yes, Jimin was angry with Tae but he understood it was an accident so he couldn’t hate him. Plus, Jimin was trying to stay positive.

“It was an accident Tae. He’s going to be fine, he’s stronger than we give him credit for so we shouldn’t worry.” Jimin smiles, while patting Tae on the back. Tae looks at Jimin and Jimin forgives him instantly. Jimin can’t stay mad at his friend when it was just an accident.

“Min Yoongi family?” The doctor shouts and looks around. The members all turn their heads in his direction and race over to him.

“Yes we are his family.” The boys say together. The doctor was feeling overwhelmed. But focused.

“Mr. Min is stable, he has a concussion and he had a hemorrhage but we were able to stop it. He’s resting he will be able to have visitor’s tomorrow.” The doctor bows and leaves the BTS members to themselves.

“I’ll stay with him tonight.” Jimin said. The members looked at Jimin.

“No, we will go back to the dorm and we will see him tomorrow, you need to get some rest okay Jimin.” Namjoon said. Jimin doesn’t put up a fight, Namjoon was right, Jimin wouldn’t be able to see him until tomorrow anyway and the waiting room isn’t the best place to sleep.

The boys head back to the dorm, it was a quite dinner not much talking. Everyone showered and went to bed. Everyone was exhausted not just from their MV, but from being worried about their friend.



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