Turn It Up (Chapter 1)

Here is the first chapter to my GTop fanfic. I hope you like it and I do promise you that it will get better. There is no smut in this chapter. I do have some good ideas for the chapters that do have smut though. Fanart is not mine credit to the owner.

God I'm so nervous. I actually get to record with the most popular music producer in Korea. I just started out though, so why would they already put me with him, THE famous G Dragon? I'm going to mess up I already know, Top said to himself as he walked to the studio door. This is a first for you Jiyong. Taking on a rookie. What's gotten into you? Taeyang asked. I just wanted to try something new and besides from what I hear he's suppose to be the number 1 rookie rapper, Jiyong replied before hearing a knock at the door. Top walked through the door with his manager. Seungri! Long time no see man. How's it going? Jiyong said. Pretty good. I was assigned to the new kid, Seungri said. Isn't he older than you though? Taeyang asked. Shhh! I've been in this game longer than him anyways so it shouldn't matter, Seungri hissed. Hello there, G Dragon said as the other two kept arguing. Hello, my name is Choi Seunghyun you can call me Top, Top said as he bowed. G Dragon chuckled causing Top to look up at him. He's not what I expected, he's so adorable, Top said to himself as he felt his face heat up. Want to get this recording started? G Dragon asked snapping Top out of his daze. Sure, Top stuttered. Don't be shy kid it'll be okay, G Dragon said patting Top on the shoulder. Do you want me to just go into the booth? Top asked with hesitation. Yeah go ahead let's hear what you got, Taeyang said. Top walked into the booth and put his headphones on and started to get ready. He's cute isn't he? G Dragon asked Taeyang. You're the one that rolls that way not me, Taeyang stated. It doesn't automatically make you gay if you say a guy looks cute, G Dragon replied. I guess he's pretty adorable for someone who's suppose to be the number 1 rookie rapper, Taeyang acknowledged. Now was that hard? G Dragon teased. Um...do you want me to start? Top asked. Yeah go ahead, G Dragon said. I be the official pimp T.O.P Older women wish they could meet me just once The thing that makes me different from you lot is my superiority Besides, in the end she’ll be lingering by my side anyway In the warmth of a warm car Listening to some sticky Ray Charles music together I can make even flowers that don’t bloom, bloom With just this rap, I’ve already turned her rough. G Dragon was moving his head acting like he was listening to what Top was rapping about but what he was really doing was looking at Top in daze not even hearing a single thing that was going on. Jiyong! Taeyang said for the tenth time. Oh huh? G Dragon asked. Did you even listen to the rap? Taeyang asked. Oh yeah of course I did. What kind of producer would I be if I didn't listen? G Dragon said trying to not sound suspicious. You liar, Taeyang said. Ok maybe I wasn't listening but still I could just ask him to do it over again if I need to, G Dragon said. Well you have fun with that because I have somewhere to be, Taeyang said as he left the studio. Wait. Where are you going? G Dragon asked. Do you really think I would tell you? Taeyang asked sarcastically. G Dragon sat there with a puzzled look as Taeyang walked out the door. Excuse me? Top said making G Dragon stare at him. Yes? G Dragon said trying to act professional. Can we do that part again? I feel like it sounded bad, Top shyly admitted. G Dragon laughed causing Top to blush. After a few hours of G Dragon just staring at Top and Top wanting to do the same part over and over again G Dragon finally called it a day. Top felt like the reason G Dragon called it a day is because he kept wanting to redo the same part over and over again but in reality G Dragon wanted to let Top take a break and find out how he actually wanted to sing the part. I'm sorry! Top said in panic thinking G Dragon was about to get onto him. What? G Dragon said in confusion. I keep messing up. I understand if you don't want to work with me anymore, Top said as G Dragon started to laugh. Don't worry it's okay. You just need to find your flow, G Dragon assured. You're really okay with it? Top asked puzzled at G Dragons words. Don't beat yourself up over it. It's your first recording it happens, G Dragon replied. Top couldn't quit staring at G Dragon. Top's face started to heat up at the thoughts he was thinking. That face is so perfect and cute and his lips look so delicious I wish I could taste them. Top control yourself he probably doesn't roll that way anyways so quit thinking about it it's never going to happen. Hey, are you okay? Your face is red, G Dragon said as he placed his hand on Tops forehead. Uh yeah I'm okay, Top said backing away from G Dragon bumping into the table. Okay if you say so but if you're not feeling good you should go home and rest, G Dragon said. Yeah I think I'll do that, Top said as he hurried out the studio door. Did I do something wrong? G Dragon asked himself.

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