Anime Preview: Super Lovers & Bungou Stray Dogs

Yo, so@hikaymm said let there be previews and I was like LET THERE BE PREVIEWS! Originally this post was supposed to be made by Wednesday, but college will be college. Bet you never thought you'd see those two shows in one post lol. I am going to be writing this as I watch it because it's obviously more fun that way. I will revise it just in case it gets long, but I'm doing two anime here so it'll be long regardless. I'm going to say this right before we start and I'm just going to say it once: I prefer manga over anime. That's it, so whether or not my review is based on what I read and how good it is compared to the actual anime that will be up to the anime not me. I do get very territorial and I will support manga 100%. I am very scared because I love the Super Lovers manga and I judge anime VERY HARD on how well it follows the manga.

Super Lovers Before I start to jot things down I wanted to let you all know that I do read the Super Lovers manga and am very excited to see how the anime is compared to it. «>Hopefully I don't get disappointed<»

Do not be distracted: the picture is not a spoiler (kind of) Well first off, Haru is as handsome as he is in the manga. I have been very curious because the manga constantly states how gorgeous his eyes are supposed to be and they did not disappoint. I say they don't disappoint, but they aren't what I expected them to look like since in the manga they almost look cat-like. Unfortunately I don't see myself listening to this opening again lol. Whoa, visuals DO NOT disappoint! I like their voices; not what I expected them to be, but still very nice. Let me talk about Ren for a second because in the manga he looks like a totally different kid. So far the story seems to be following the manga and that makes me very pleased because the manga is very very good. Gosh, don't watch the ending. Spoilers..spoilers EVERYWHERE! If you plan to continue watching the series don't watch the ending. I will tell you all this: After the opening there is a bit of an addition to the episode so watch that. I don't know if it'll show itself in the second episode but if you're confused as to what is happening then, as for thinking, "SeoInHan said that there was something at the end of the episode but I didn't watch it" you will summon me and I will say, "I told you so". Final verdict: Yeah, I'll be watching the next episode next week. I like everything so far (except the opening and ending but that's just a personal opinion). I recommend it because it's different from any other yaoi I've read. It's actually kind of sort of real. And just in case you're thinking "But that's an 8 year old!" you have another thing coming lololol Here is what I don't want from this anime: I don't want it to ruin the plot the manga has so carefully crafted. The manga does a very good job in keeping the plot so nice that you tend to forget that you're reading a yaoi and, to me, that is the best part. I hope that they keep Ren exactly how he is in the manga, but as I've noted earlier, the design has already changed. damn it.

Bungou Stray Dogs Before watching episode one I thought I'd write down the fact that, unlike Super Lovers, I don't have any knowledge as to what this even is. I've heard a lot about it and I'm hoping I can get into it. I thought that perhaps I should have written this one first (because I didn't want to rage in case the anime for Super Lovers f'ed up) but this is how it's gonna go.

*takes seven year shower* 30 second in and I find Atsushi 's eyes absolutely gorgeous. First of all from KnB (sorry KnB fangirl took over for a sec) And~ Dazai and Kunikida battle to be SeoInHan's favorite character by being a total weirdos. He (Osamu) reminds me of the teacher in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. In episode 1 the girl is on her way to school and sees a guy hanging himself and once she helps him he similar ends up almost dying and he asks "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I ALMOST DIED!" *clears throat* Back to the show... So far, we don't need to be a Level 4 friend to unlock the main character's story. lol WHOA! Awesome animation! I love how nicely the hues contrast each other. (second photo) Oops, I think Dazai kind of won. It's still episode one so the race is still on. OH SHIIIIIZZZZZ OP BY GRANRODEO (KnB fangirl is coming out for real!!) I love that band so much. They don't make shitty songs nor appear in shitty anime. It kind of threw me off that the ED was almost immediately after the OP, but I like the ED as well. Final Verdict: I can't wait to see the next episode. In fact, I am reading the manga. I will continue to watch the anime, but I would have liked to compare the manga and the anime. I don't really have much to say, but I love the contrast between the colors and the animation was so clean! ughhhhhh need moar!

sorry for being late and my random insight. I can't properly review anything...apparently

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